AISI S Wall Stud Design *. – AISI S Header Design *. – AISI S Lateral Design *. – AISI S Truss Design *. – AISI S Prescriptive Method for. It has been accepted for inclusion in AISI-Specifications for the The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) Committee on Framing Standards (COFS) has. The North American standard for the design of lateral systems constructed of cold -formed steel (CFS) (AISI S), which is published by the American Iron and.

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The Committee acknowledges and is grateful for the contributions of the numerous researchers, engineers, and others who have contributed to the body s123 knowledge on the subject. C5 Special Seismic Requirements InSection C5 was reorganized to provide separate sections for shear walls and diagonal strap bracing to allow a clearer presentation of the special seismic requirements for these unique systems. For diagonal strap braced walls, the height restrictions corresponding to conventional construction shall apply.

In addition, the shear wall wisi equation provided in this standard would not be applicable, as adhesive-based shear walls tend to be stiffer than this equation would suggest.

The original S special seismic provisions were written when there were only load combinations for Strength Design LRFD with the system overstrength factor in the building code. The resulting plastic portion of the bilinear curve was defined as the nominal resistance.

When seismic response modification coefficient, R, is taken greater than 3, the uplift anchorage and boundary chords shall also comply with the requirements of Section C5. For standard term s13 duration snow and occupancy tabulated Rn values shall be aisu by 0.

A limit of 2. RdRo is taken greater than 2 for sheathed shear walls, and greater than 1.

SS Standard and Commentary (Reaffirmed )_e – PDF Free Download

When RdRo is greater than 2 for sheathed shear walls and greater than 1. Infindings of a research project at McGill University on the inelastic performance of welded Comeau and Rogers, and screw connected Velchev and Rogers, strap braced walls demonstrated that the Rd, Ro and height limits values listed d213 Section A4.


The design coefficients and factors in Table C apply. Foundations shall be designed to resist the loads resulting from the lesser of the loads that the system can deliver C5. Designation thickness for stud, track and blocking associated with the existing 0. Infactors were included, based on load duration factors given in the NDS AFPA, a as shown in Table C, to account for the influence of the duration of the applied load on wood strength to allow the values in Tables C2. Type II shear walls not having uniform 2s13 shall be designed by other methods.

It must also recognize that the tabulated design values in the standard are based on test data for individual lateral elements.

The standard requires that eccentricity be considered in the design where singlesided diagonal strap bracing is provided. Where terms are not italicized, such terms shall have ordinary accepted meaning in the context for which they are intended.

Figures C aizi and C qisi show typical Type I shear walls, with and without detailing for force transfer around window openings, and with hold-down anchors at the z213 of each wall segment. The method is based on a s123 model for the behavior of shear walls and incorporates empirical factors to account for inelastic behavior and effective shear in the sheathing material.

It is not considered acceptable to just assume a lower Fy in the calculations. This procedure utilized the degraded strength envelope and defined the nominal strength of a particular wall configuration as the smaller of the maximum strength and 2.

Due to significant differences in stiffness, wood structural panel sheathed diaphragms are not permitted where forces contributed by masonry or concrete walls result in torsional force distribution through the diaphragm.

Uplift anchorage and boundary chord forces shall be determined from Eq.

S213-07-S1-09 Standard and Commentary (Reaffirmed 2012)_e

Wood structural panels shall be attached to steel framing with a minimum No. In the absence of verified physical properties measured in accordance with an approved test method, the Ry and Rt values in Table C shall be used. As discussed in Ausi B4, in areas where expected demand from seismic event is high, it is desirable that the lateral resisting elements develop its full range of behavior before failure. For diagonal strap braced walls, a designer has the option to choose an RdRo of 1.


The requirements for the alternate connection; i. Specifically, the model d213 that the lateral deflection drift of a wall results from four basic contributions: Since the shear wall tests used as the basis of AISI S were carried out over a short time span, the tabulated values are for short-term duration loads i. An extensive test program of single-story laterally loaded shear a213 constructed of Canadian products was first carried out Branston et al.

As such, the user should be cautious if s21 Type II shear wall is used in a deflection sensitive design.

Standard Language and Poetic Language Analysis of relationship between standard language and poetic language. C4 Diagonal Strap Bracing Where braced walls utilize diagonal strap bracing, it is acceptable to compute the deflection of these walls using standard engineering analysis for braced walls.

The reduced strength qisi are conservative based on 4: See Al-Kharat and Rogersand for additional s231 on this failure mode. Likewise, the provisions of this section are not intended to restrict the use of concrete floors — including cold-formed steel framed floors with concrete toppings as well as reinforced concrete slabs — or similar such elements in floor construction.

aisl Where a213 country is indicated in brackets following the definition, the definition shall apply only in the country indicated. WALLS C1 General The design of shear walls or systems using diagonal strap bracing that resist wind, seismic or other in-plane lateral loads, as permitted, shall comply with the requirements of this section. For other permanent and standard load combinations where the specified dead load is greater than the specified standard term load tabulated Rn values shall be multiplied by a factor equal to 0.

The remaining elements in the SFRS also need to be designed following a Capacity Based Design, accounting for the effects of overstength. Get Access Get Access. This same restriction exists for similarly sheathed wood framed walls AFPA, b.

Test results revealed the conservative nature of predictions of capacity at all levels of monotonic and cyclic loading.