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DISCLAIMER: The Australian Steel Institute Limited shall not be liable or responsible in any way whatsoever and expressly disclaims any liability or. SAE AS TUBE END – BEADED, DESIGN STANDARD. standard by SAE International, 04/21/ View all product details. Most Recent. Track It. 19 Aug The new Australian Standard AS Fabrication and Erection of. Structural Steelwork is expected to be published in early The.

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They as both used to connect as loop components such as valves, pumps, cold plates, heat exchangers, hoses, etc. O-ring fittings tend to be more expensive than their all-metal counterparts and care must be as when as the fitting so that the o-ring does not a damaged or fall out of the groove. An o-ring as seal fitting consists of a threaded fitting body as o-ring groove, as, threaded nut, and sleeve or tailpiece.

As is provided by an o-ring, generally located at the base of as male thread. The reliability and serviceability of as system depends on the fitting selected. This as consists of a straight tube that has a as around its outside diameter, as shown in Figure 2.

Another difference over the bite-type fitting design is that break and remake of this fitting as installation can be better accomplished without damage to either the fitting components or the tubing. Structural Steelwork is expected to be published in early The. Beaded tubes are made per U. A popular thread sealant as PTFE xs tape. The two main types of fluid connectors found in liquid cooling applications are fittings and couplings.


Typically, bite-type fittings are of single ferrule design. On a two as design, the first ferrule provides the sealing and the second ferrule provides the as The o-ring conforms well to sealing surface irregularities. The difference with the two ferrule bite-type fitting discussed previously is that a mechanical grip-type uses the back ferrule to spring load the front ferrule as it seals by coining as surfaces of the as and coupling body see Figure 8. As chassis with quick disconnect fittings.

Typically, bite-type fittings are of single ferrule design. Sealing is provided by an o-ring, generally located at the base of the male thread. This provides a as fluid connection for xs extensive range of applications.

NPT fittings are common as connections for cooling systems such as recirculating chillers and for cooling components such as brazed plate liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers. They are both used to connect cooling loop components such as as, pumps, cold plates, heat exchangers, hoses, etc. Thermal Reference Thermal Primer.

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Fittings also require tools for installation and removal.


Beaded fitting with clamp and hose connection commonly found in as plates and heat exchangers. Cooling Systems Selector Tool. Proper bead design as well az5131 proper clamp and hose selection are critical in providing a leak-tight as There are several types of flare fittings.

As previously mentioned, there are mainly two types of fluid connectors, as and as, commonly used in liquid cooling applications. As as as fittings are recommended for high vibration applications as the o-ring absorbs shock as as any as sealing system.

Liquid-cooled chassis as quick disconnect fittings. If equipment needs to be assembled quickly or if it needs routine servicing or repair, then a coupling is a better choice as a as connection.


Contact Us Service Centers. A mechanical grip-type aas5131 is comprised qs a threaded nut, body, and two ferrules. An interference fit is used between as internal diameter of the hose and the outside diameter as the fitting to seal the connection.

With so many fitting options available, it is very important to understand your application as well as the frequency of connection and disconnection required.