Posts about table 54A written by ronmooring. Full access to all ASTM / Petroleum tables (including update): table 5 / 6 / of Observed Density to Density at 15°C and Table 54A Generalized Crude Oils, ASTM D Standard Guide for Use of the Petroleum Measurement. If ” CRUDE ” TABLES 54A and 6A are selected, – If ” PRODUCTS ” TABLES 54B and 6B are 1, A.S.T.M. TABLES. 2. 3, GRADE, Unleaded Gasoline, QUALITY.

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The Wedge Formula is a mathematical mean being used to approximate the small quantities of liquid and solid cargo and free water on board prior to awtm vessel’s loading and after her discharge, based on the dimensions of the individual cargo tank and vessel’s trim. The time sheet editor holds a maximum of almost entries for each time sheet report.

table 54A – Mooring Marine Consultancy

The following controls are available: This ends the tutorial no. Fuel blending density after 2nd parcel. These inspection tools enable surveyors, terminal or trading operators to send full-scope reports straight from the program and give them possibility to consolidate dozens satm individual reports on shipments within seconds into statistics reports for further analysis of cargo movements and losses.

If you export an ullage report to csv, and wish to transfer the report to another phone where you also have Cargo Surveyor installed, all you have to do is copy the csv file to the other phone, and import the file into Cargo Surveyor on the other phone.


The tutorials part 8 for the Android version of Cargo Surveyor deals with the Transfer executive summary report.

For more wstm on the reports in general importing, exporting etcplease refer to the instruction manual, which can be downloaded from this website: The app automatically checks if the total of mole fractions equals 1, and issues a warning for the following events:.

Download dropbox for free. Individual and Special Applications Table 6C.

ASTM 54 pdf – ASTM (testing materials) Code Issues – Eng-Tips

What is the purpose of the csv comma separated value file? There are five buttons on the screen for switching units no. Do we need to keep the steering gear pumps on once the vessel is alongside?

As you can see in the picture on the left side, our two earlier generated ullage reports have been selected: First we will enter all data for the first ullage report. Cargo Surveyor will automatically detect if your phone is capable of generating atsm files, and will by default select the pdf format for reports qstm possible.

It was the talk of the town few years back. Arrival date and time field.

In the mean time, for those who are interested in Cargo Surveyor for Android: The first time you try to 54q addresses from your contacts the app will ask your permission to access your contacts. This method is as follows: The calculation method for the Geometric edition of the Wedge Formula: Are you an Engineering professional? Like 0 Dislikes 0. For VEF reports you can choose either, it makes no difference.


Net standard volume NSV. The density of the first parcel was Just like with ullage reports, if you have selected to use the ASTM tables, then the VCF will be calculated and printed in 5 decimals as can be seen in the reports. Furthermore this wedge formula calculation makes the enormous assumption that any ‘liquid’ found in a cargo tank is in the form of a regular wedge shape with its base at the ashm bulkhead of the cargo tank.

Straight to the point:

Aatm we will discuss part 6 of the tutorials, which will deal with the ullage report: It has been a pretty long session already! Tests and checks mariners must know. This program allows to use built-in shore tank calibration tables.

Within the tank editor, the first thing we see in the top of the screen is 1P: