“Utekelezaji wa azimio la Arusha”: hotuba ya rais kwa Mkutano Mkuu wa Tanu, Mwanza, tarehe 16 Oktoba, Responsibility: Julius K. Nyerere. Language. Kabla ya kuanza kazi hii nimehisi nahitaji kusoma Falsafa ya AZIMIO LA ARUSHA, Nimekutafuta kitabu hicho sijakipata kushangaza. Get this from a library! Mafunzo ya Azimio la Arusha na siasa ya TANU juu ya ujamaa na kujitegemea.. [TANU (Organization). Idara ya Elimu ya Siasa.].

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The important condition which such private investors have in mind is that the enterprise into which they put their money should bring them profit and that our Government should permit them to repatriate these profits. The essential and true nature of development is this: A capitalist one that was centralized and grew from the towns, drew people into cities and focused aspiration, growth and resources around them.

Calls upon the Government to put great emphasis on actions which will raise the standard of living of the peasants, and the rural community. Our country can produce various crops for home consumption and for export.

That is to say, our money has been brought by development. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? These three are the main categories of external finance.

Naomba mwenye kitabu cha AZIMIO LA ARUSHA

This was the right policy during the independence struggle. Our emphasis on money and industries has made us concentrate on urban development. How about the enterprises of foreign investors? In brief, our Five-Year Development Plan aims at more food, more education, and better health; but the weapon we have put emphasis upon is money.


We met weekly and arushaa around the anniversary dates the last week of January.

This fact should always be borne in mind, for there are various forms of exploitation. From union renewal to a self-managed society: This is not what we are saying.

We have put too much emphasis on industries. It is stupid to rely on money as the major instrument of development when we know only too well that our country is poor.

Naomba mwenye kitabu cha AZIMIO LA ARUSHA – JamiiForums

Using a big hoe instead of a azimmio one; using a plow pulled by oxen instead of an ordinary hoe; the use of fertilizers; the use of insecticides; knowing the right crop for a particular season or soil; choosing good seeds for planting; knowing the right time for planting, weeding, etc. We do not have either the necessary finances or the technical know-how. The answer to this is the same one we gave earlier, that we cannot get enough money and borrow enough technicians to start all the industries we need.

When we call on the Government to spend more azijio on development projects, we are asking the Government to use more money. Because the land belongs to the nation, the Government has to see to it that it is being used for the benefit of the whole nation and not for the benefit of one individual or just a few people. Again, electric lights, water pipes, hotels and other aspects of modern development are mostly found in towns. It is a mistake because we do not have the means to establish many modern industries in our country.

What we are saying, however, is that from now on we shall know what is the foundation and what is the fruit of development. It means that the people who aaimio directly from development which is brought about by borrowed money are not the ones who will repay the loans. It is the responsibility of TANU to see that the country produces enough food and enough cash crops for export.

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Illicit financial flows thwart human rights and development in Africa. We shall be able to say, When wrusha began our development plans we did not have enough money and this situation made it difficult for us to develop as fast as we wanted. And we shall regret this imitation.

To burden the people with big loans, the repayment of which will be beyond their means, is not to help them but to make them suffer. TANU believes that everybody who loves his nation has a duty to serve it by co-operating arushs his fellows in building the country for the benefit of all the people of Tanzania.

In a socialist country, the only people who live on the work of others, and who have the right to be dependent upon their fellows, are small children, people who are too old to support themselves, the crippled, and those whom the state at any one time cannot provide with an opportunity to work for their living. Gifts which increase, or act as a catalyst, to our own efforts are valuable.