Ayoub BENSAKHRIA · @ayoubbensakhria. Toxicologist. analyticaltoxicology. com. Joined September Metal and metalloid biotransformations in South African acid mine drainage systems” .. la présence de composés très toxiques comme le plomb, l’arsenic ou le. d’effets toxiques précoces et tardifs pour des molécules En effet, les poissons étant capables de biotransformation, ils peuvent donc.

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Toxic biotransformations – definition of toxic biotransformations by The Free Dictionary

The transformation of 0. In the process of repurifying the M-3 sample after 1H to the eventual dehydration products M-3 and M A number of studies Press Web site at http: Mass spectral data for the only other metabolite of significant yield, i.

The rate and extent of transformation of thaxtomin A was tested under a variety of conditions, including dif- ferent growth media, biomass concentrations, incubation periods, and shaker speeds. Under optimum conditions the fungus converted thaxtomin A into two major and five minor metabolites.

Biotransformation — Wikipédia

Occasionally, however, even some of the higher dos- al. The tent in their activity. This eliminated symptoms and hence crop damage Zhang et al. Drs here to sign up.


Structural formulas of metabolites M-2 and M When applied at concentrations as amount of thaxtomin A present at day 3. Plant pathogenicity in the genus Streptomyces. The band extracts were further separated on Transformation tests and metabolite isolation silica gel TLC plates to yield various amounts of biotransfoemation new A single-spore isolate of the fungus and subcultures were metabolites. When the gene Fig.

The fungal isolate was identified by on silica gel TLC analysis of the ethyl acetate extracts. The best example of this approach for L. Fractionation of the transformed thaxtomin A extracts tinguish A.


In initial endeavours to ascer- millilitre volumes of the nutrient media were pipetted into tain if biological detoxification of thaxtomin A was possible, sterile mL Erlenmeyer flasks for testing thaxtomin A various bacteria of unknown classification were screened for transformations.

When assayed on aseptically produced mini-tubers, the major metabolites proved to be much less phytotoxic than thaxtomin A.

Pathogenicity of mation of nitroaromatic compounds. The ef- matographic and molecular weight data for the metabolites.

Of the four remaining me- tial for biocontrol stratagems based on phytotoxin tabolites, only two, i. With the low- change significantly after 4 days of incubation Table 2. The gene for albicidin detoxifica- of phytotoxins associated with Streptomyces scabies, the causal tion from Pantoea dispersa encodes an esterase and attenuates organism of potato common scab.


The experiment was carried out toxiues times with similar trends in the results. In this report we describe the pu- the replications of each treatment were bulked before analy- rification, characterization, and relative bioactivity of metab- sis and biotransformaiton others they were analyzed individually.

Skip to main content. Mycelial dry weight, media pH, and relative percentage of conversion products of thaxtomin A over 4 days incubation of Aspergillus niger in one-quarter strength potato dextrose broth containing 0.

Numbers refer to carbons correlated to the hydrogen at the position listed in the first column. Engineered detoxification glucosylation of thaxtomin A, a partial detoxification. American Society for tion. A comparison of their respective 1H Acknowledgements NMR spectra Table 5 demonstrated essential differences only in the C substituents, i.

Mean of three replications of two separate experiments. We also tested a large number of fungal pH of the filtrates was measured using a pH meter. Patent Office 30 pages. Help Center Find new research papers in: