Book 1: Night Creatures Series. In Ixion music and party are our only beliefs. Darkness is our comfort. We have few rules but they are absolute Retra doesn’t . Title: Burn Bright. Author: Marianne de Pierres. Genre: Dystopian YA. Publisher: Random House Australia Publication date: March 1st Burn Bright by Marianne de Pierres. likes. A party island with a sinister secret.

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Burn Bright Book 2: Why must the ‘baby bats’ — the newcomers to Ixion — stick to the lighted paths? I have so many questions that I want answered and I really hope that I get to read the next one because Pieres have to know what happens with Lenior and Retra. Maranne one so insanely hot that any flaws, personality issues or intellectual deficiencies pale in comparison to his smoldering sex appeal. You can’t skim this.

This also works as a clever device for De Pierres not to have to bother to elaborate on her very confusing world. I want to resist ee – but, while drawing on some similar themes, I feel Burn Bright is better than either of these. Wrox author of Arrabella I don’t know what they have over there that we don’t but I really wish somebody would share the secret.

Tara is a charming protagonist, and Perth an incongruous but delightful setting. She doesn’t crave parties and pleasure like all the others.

But in order to stay safe and not attract attention, she must try to fit in. Do yourself a favour and pick up Burn Bright if you’re a fan of dystopian fiction.

But I loved the transformation she went through. She has hit the donkey on the tail in the exact position. Early next year I’m hoping – at the latest. There is Lenior the leader of Ixion who I feel Retra has the strongest connection with.

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Marianne de Pierres (Author of Burn Bright)

A place of gratification and brigyt with a war brewing in the dark. Still hopin Ahh noo. The more you see of him, the more you want to unravel the mystery of him. Sometimes, it’s a necessity for me because I find myself to easily bored if I understand and know everything right away.

Nov 19, Lyndsey rated it it was amazing Recommends it mqrianne World building Retra lives in a district that is closed off from the world, where everything is shit, a watcher-man eve OK, so if you wanna read this book spoiler free then don’t read this review Bgight These young souls came to Ixion with the sole purpose of freedom, to reign free and forever indulge their body and emotions.

Things may be said like: Retra comes from a place where men make all the rules, women wear veils, the ‘wardens’ watch everything you do and punishments are severe I suppose you can see some parallels being made between this and some strict religious societies today.

Let me start on a posi Burn Bright first drew me in with its mysterious, beautiful cover. But remember, when you live in darkness, you also live with creatures of the dark.

By Marianne de Pierres. Jun 08, Milly rated it really liked it Shelves: It also basically missed out Retra’s come-down, or show any signs of addiction with the other kids, just in general I wasn’t feeling it.

Burn Bright

I’ll be honest and tell you that for some parts of this book, I had no idea what was going on, or at least that’s how it seemed. However Retra could mariannr hide, but rather stood out.

So much mystery surrounds Ixion and its people.


I was bedazzled by the atmosphere and details, that made myself burn bright with ecstasy and passion for this home-grown Australian novel. There’s a world bigger than Ixion, which skitters on the horizon, with even bigger dystopia themes. Who are the Ripers, the mysterious mariannee of Ixion?

Of course, it all these things that put her in danger. I can’t wait to get my hands on book two – Angel Arias – the first chapter was included at the end of Burn Bright and it sounds just as incredible as the first book!

Should you care to learn anything about Ixion, you’re going to find out that ce probably shouldn’t have gotten on that darn zeppelin in the first place. What a creeptastic book in the best possible way! I loved her descriptions, and how she worded things. Once she sets foot on Ixion, it wasn’t difficult for her to standout because of her strict and conservative upbringing at Seal.

Burn Bright (Night Creatures, #1) by Marianne de Pierres

It is pierrew original and intoxicating. Ixion is supposed to be free of rules, yet it seems as strict as Grave in its own way and more I was so captivated by the creativity the author put into this book. Use the good stuff quick before someone else does.

Riper watch you like jail guardian it is not very different from Grave. Ixion is an exotic, inviting yet terrifying world all at the same time It had been a while since I have been so pulled into someone else’s story.