Bombshell has ratings and reviews. Kat said: Catherine Coulter always writes a well-paced crime thriller. This book, like others in the series. In bestseller Coulter’s captivating 17th FBI novel (after ‘s Backfire), FBI agent Griffin Hammersmith learns on his way to a new assignment. The number 1 New York Times–bestselling author is back with an electrifying new entry in the FBI series featuring Savich and Sherlock. FBI.

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I am not bombwhell compensated in any way. A picture of Tommy taken shortly after his death turns up on You Tube, and it was uploaded from Stony’s computer, suddenly the investigation heads in another direction.

Hayman dogged her all evening, giving her entirely too much attention until she was certain every student within hearing distance now hated her guts? All the characters are wooden, one-dimensional props.

Fiction Book Review: Bombshell by Catherine Coulter. Putnam, $ (p) ISBN

But at the same time they have created characters that are so lovable that you can get to know each character a little bit better with each new book they write.

Doesn’t he talk to his peers about work? Hayman certainly dressed to coklter. Anyway its crap – find something else.


Untangling what’s really going on in her small college music town turns out to be quite a mess. But whatever happened was bad After a night of drinking 4. I’ll probably tune in to some of the earlier books and see if they’re any better. Rafael Salazar is nombshell brilliant classical guitarist.

And why did her professor drug her drinks? Hardcoverpages.

She looked up to see Henry’s light on. No wonder; it was nearly one o’clock on Saturday morning. Houston, we have a problem. She’d wished all evening that Cwtherine had come, datherine no, Delsey had to fly solo. I am voluntarily providing an honest review in which all opinions are fully my own. This is one of Coulter’s most ludicrously plotted books, and hers are always out there, so take it for me, this one’s extreme!


FBI Thriller 1 – 10 of 23 books.

Catherine Coulter is always a good read. Savich and Sherlock worked with him on an earlier case and were very impressed with him.

Everything heats up even further when the bad guys go after Anna and Griffin. Before Griffin arrives, his “Trouble Magnet” of a sister is involved in a crime. The unconscious sister of FBI agent Hammersmith in a pool of blood which leas to a serial killer.

Hayman–Elliot– that was just what she needed. Trying to track down who is responsible and then getting dragged into a DEA operation takes up plenty of his time. She squeezed her eyes shut; what should she do? He seemed oblivious to most other people around him, only his music and his iPod tethering him to the planet earth.

By the way, I’m not really sure why this was called ‘Bombshell. She builds such strong and memorable characters. He goes to Maestro and a complicated case evolves that could have its roots in an overseas g Another great Savage and Sherlock mystery. Nothing is clear cut in either and then Delsey goes to Washington to stay with Savage to keep her safe but she isn’t.

Mar 30, Maura rated it liked it Shelves: In each book there is other agents that work well together, action, a touch of romance for all of you romance junkies, and suspense. Why had she, Delsey Freestone, a reasonably intelligent twenty-five-year-old supposed adult, swan-dived into those last two margaritas? This book starts out slowly, with lots of information gathering. Ellison – lo Really enjoyed this cohlter from the first page to the last. Lots of caherine, turns, a ton of characters to keep straight, one or two “I didn’t see that coming”, stuff that blows up and some very terrible characters and sub-characters and some misleading despicable characters.


Nurse near me says “Wrong! This was a marginal read at best. While the two plots run at the same time with alternating chapters, they are easy to keep separated.

And the main suspect is the visiting professor at the college. And why did the gang members choose Delsey’s apartment to kill coultee agent Anna’s partner?

There was a lot more conversation between characters. With so many books in the series, we can’t expect her to be on her game for every book. She knew she wasn’t up for convincing anyone she wasn’t drunk. This sets up the local case and romance which gets a bit crazy and out of hand, and not only the bad guys get hurt.

When she wakes up in the hospital, she remembers there was a dead man in her bathtub and two Hispanic young men were there as well. No chemistry between the characters, cathrrine lines were far-fetched, and I thought Sherlock bombshhell Savich come off as pompous you know whats!

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