Two lovers are bound by the very desires that could destroy them in this darkly exquisite novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling Carpathian series. Read “Dark Peril” by Christine Feehan with Rakuten Kobo. Two lovers are bound by the very desires that could destroy them in this darkly exquisite novel in the. 9 Sep The gripping new novel in Christine Feehan’s hugely popular ‘Dark’ Carpathian series.

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Curious, he took to the skies, circling overhead, staying within the canopy to keep out the last rays of the sun. But the GhostWalker wasn’t there for a good time.

The chapter poems are such a sweet touch. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. It’s cool that Solange’s dominant Royal Jaguar shapeshifter blood can cure certain things, like the parasites the vampires have been infecting Carpathians with, and the black magic of the mages. Trixie Joanes has come to the Carpathian mountains in search of her wayward granddaughter, fearing that she has been lured there by something unspeakable.

Thank God I am done and can move on to the next one! Difficult Women by Roxane Gay. No other Carpathians are needed! I’m pretty sure I had a review for this here on GRs. He’ll do whatever it takes to make Breezy his woman again – especially when he learns the real reason she came to him for help, and that the stakes are higher than he ever could have imagined.

Another reason I liked this one better is she changed it up a bit. I love the melding of two people in total connection with other. Characters are completing and it advances the plot of the Carpathian people well. The Harpy eagle flew through the canopy a distance away from the jaguar and remained motionless, just watching, as the jaguar made her way through the long ago battlefield, as if she was connected to the dead who wailed there.


We need to use cookies to do this. It was about Dominic giving his woman the time and security to learn to love herself and become confident in her femininity and sensuality. In spite of the heavy rain, the light burst over him. After all, this was just a dream. Another one for the keeper shelf, definitely.

And they’re all fated for the lair of a mysterious ancient with revenge in his soul and the undying power to make bad dreams come true. The way Carpathian’s discover their lifemates is by hearing the woman speak.

Everything he did was to help her realize how loved and truly beautiful she was and it made my heart MELT.

The man who chose his club over her and left her feeling used and alone. Someone had attacked this facility and done a considerable amount of damage. She came to him as if in a dream, shielded by a heavy veil, their exchanges in images more than words. There’s only one way to do so: Alix Taylor is a blogger and avid reader of all things book. So many years spent alone left Dominic of the Dragonseeker line with few options that he liked.

The high quality of the emotional growth she experiences put this book into the five out of five category. In a way, this book was less about advancing those storylines than about reframing them, cutting away the excess, and getting ready to move forward in future installments. You can read this item using any of the following Kobo apps and devices: Dark Peril Dark, 18 4. Preview — Dark Peril by Christine Feehan.

They fight to save the unprotected and find each other just when they think all is lost. I should have remembered something about this book and I was coming up blank. He turned the word over and over in his mind. I think maybe she is running out of ideas and maybe gasp!


Dark Peril

And there’s no one more up to the task than Gino Mazza. He noted that the further he was from the jaguar, the louder the whispers became. The men use the women like breeding stock and kill any jaguar people that can’t fully shift, which has led their race to the edge of extinction.

I liked Solange as the heroine. He had listened to the vampire bragging for most of the night, telling him of the growing legions and how emissaries were meeting in the Amazon, where they had allies in the jaguar men and a human society that had no idea they were in bed with the very ones they sought to destroy.

Dark Peril by Christine Feehan |

Dominic knew instantly he was looking at Brodrick, the ruler of the jaguar-men. But no, this mighty warrior, a powerhouse amongst his people, provides Solange with the space to make choices for herself. View all 7 comments.

The story felt rushed…no real build-up to anything. He plans to get in fast, relay the information to the lea Dominic of the Dragonseeker lineage, one of the most powerful lines the Carpathian people has, ingests vampire blood laces with parasites in order to be feehan to go the very heart of the enemy camp and learn their plans.