Can anyone find a link or remember the cybergenics leg workout? I remember performing this in college and experienced a substantial. Cybergenics called their program a “steroid replacement system.” The real key to the Cybergenics program was really the training routine. Cybergenics training routine, learn about the Cybergenics total bodybuilding system workout.

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Scott Chinery later had a second hit with Xenadrine, and was noted for his guitar collection – www. Theme created by Egad Worokut. I followed it to a T and got plenty of sleep. Lifestyle Family travel adventure. The website’s content is not a substitute for direct, personal, professional medical care and diagnosis.

C ybergenics used to be one of the top dogs back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. One of my relatives bought these pillows Use music during workout, as it evokes excitement and contributes to the “psyche”.

Cybergenics Arm Workout From The Cybergenics Total Body Building System Manual

December 31, I personally feel it is the latter since there are people that tell me that they made their best gains using those kits. But because you could cybwrgenics do the prescribed workouts then you couldn’t honestly then claim that their snake oil didn’t work. None of the suggestions including exercise, diet, products or services mentioned should be performed or otherwise used without cybrrgenics from your physician or health care provider.

It’s funny how creative they thought they were with these workouts, “train until you drop the weights on yourself and fall over”.


I cheated on a few of the 6th day sets, but overall stuck to it. It feels good to have people ask me what kind of Roids I’m taking. Upper arm size and development is one of the most popular if not the most popular of all workouh groups among “iron game” enthusiasts.

Raymond Cyberrgenics 19, at 6: The cycling of eating and lifting are 2 things I incorporate into my routine even today. Terry Giles also wrote: I remember performing this in college and experienced a substantial increase in leg strength and size for about 2 months. The diet consists of pre and post workout nutrition or isolates.

It’s the aggressive marketing campaign that is selling the product. The reader should understand that participating in any exercise program can result in physical injury and agrees to do so at his own risk. Paul Carter May 1, at Cybergenics called their program a “steroid replacement system.

The sun rose and set in me to, but my parents still didn’t spring a penny for this crap. Your One Rep Max will appear at the top and all your percentages will appear below it. Use music during workout, as it evokes excitement and contributes to the “psyche”. He also famously commissioned a series of archtop guitars called the “Blue Collection. In that list you will find a few cybergeincs that are wodkout expected. Success Tips and Strategies. Cbergenics it because of new innovations in supplements that they couldn’t keep up with or was it woekout the new owners were poor business men?

Fortress Getbig V Gender: For those that were fortunate enough to have avoided workoit shit, Cybergenics was basically a program that came with a box of seven supplements six bottles of pills and one bottle of a sub-linguala video VHS babyand a training manual.


Yeah there was a certain mystique around the old Cybergenics workouts; it was oddly enough the only supplement line that ever tried to my knowledge tying a workout routine to their supplement line with the inference being that you needed both for it to work.

Cybergenics Workout Program For Building A Massive Chest

Less volume and more intensity worked well. On Wofkout and Fridays you would train Chest and Back. Please login or register. I’m not sure where to start with that.

Demosthenes on November 14, Carb intake cybergenicss limited to only grams. You had to eat about calories a day for the first three days of the week, then doubled it for the last four. Best Super Bowl Party Ever. Here are the full details!

So much so that people noticed without me asking. Kostas Tryfinopoulos May 6, at Post new comment Please Register or Login to post new comment. Mr Anabolic Getbig V Gender: Cyberbenics Getbig V Gender: I never fell for Cybergenics but only because it as a few years before I had money.

I don’t have my little blue Cybernetics manual anymore, I think it got tossed out with my old music cassette tapes and VHS movies, but I do remember the basic principles that went into the routine. Free Self Improvement Newsletters.