DECRETO 4369 DE 2006 PDF

Trabajo Asociado, Decreto Número de , as published in Diario Oficial no. 46, .. See also Decreto de , Article Check out my latest presentation built on , where anyone can create & share professional presentations, websites and photo albums in minutes. Decreto , de 4 de Deciembre de (Ag Document). Added on: Thu, 10/ 03/ – Subscribe to Resources belonging to category “seasonal labour .

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Define las actividades que se consideran de alto riesgo para la salud del trabajador y establece pensiones especiales de vejez para quienes se dediquen a esas actividades.

Article 7 frames the investment of an office incompatible with the employee status. Responsibilities of drivers and other persons Article 9: Replaces paragraph 3 relating to the recruitment of midwives and nurses for gynaecological departments.

Article 5 defines the date of end of application of the present Law decreeto of the 31st December Made under the Public Education Service Law Special police force Chapter VII: Article 3 defines the purpose and the scope of application of the present Law.

Recruitment of fixed term workers Dr 6: Article 4 lists the exceptions to the prohibition of filling of vacancies. Regulate the conditions of service of the members of the police force.

Resources belonging to category “seasonal labour”

Provides for the increase of wages and pensions in the public sector. The amount received must not exceed the pension benefit of 10 years of service or the benefit he would receive as a pension while retiring because of his age.

Provides regulations concerning payment of retirement benefits. Adds article 4B concerning the determination of competences of the Director of Ministry.

Amends Act concerning defendants, disabled, disappeared, prisoners and their professional future. At the end of this extraordinary employment period, such a person’s employment shall be terminated and they shall have no right to claim any compensation.


Article 4 replaces article 15 regarding the mornings and evenings off. Adds new article 5 concerning periodical contributions. Law No 1 I of to provide for the increase of civil servants’ wages and old-age benefits. Defines the terms “public xecreto service” and “instruction official” and provides for matters relating to wages and promotions.

Resources belonging to category “actividades económicas” | Digital Library

In addition to the provisions of the Public Service Act, provides for a written examination 43669 the candidates to be employed in the Public Service during Article 9 specifies the mandatory retirement age. Replaces sub-paragraph i related to the personnel of external medical centres.

Article 8 amends the wording of the 2nd phrase of article Article 7 replaces 2nd phrase of article 18, regarding the compensation due to every employee who consents to work during the bank holidays set out in article 16 and on Sunday as part of the weekly rest, according to article Organization and management Chapter III: Special ID card Article 6: The Law also provides for the relevant Indexes. Article 14 introduces the issuance of Regulations by the Governmental Council.

Amends the basic provisions of the Education Officers Placements, Transfers and Transfers Regulations to by adding a new provision 12A, which stipulates that an educational worker completing a 3-year service in schools which are in the occupied by the Turkish army regions, will be granted additional 25 points for each year of service for the purpose of future reassignment.

Article 8 amends the wording of article Provides definitions of “faculty and research staff” and of “law”.

Resources belonging to category “actividades económicas”

Amends Sections 28B and 28D of the basic Act by considering as length of service the service in any other school, institution or sector and by providing the possibility decrwto covering the 2 per cent of the posts, in any branch, by thalassemic candidates. The Aim of the law is to protect public interest from discrepancies in the allocation of jobs, because of the privileged information decrto that former public officers have.


Provides for the filling of vacancies in conformity with the decision of the Supreme Court, and concerns candidates who have been employed in the public service on a daily and full-time basis for at least three years up to 26 September Tiene por objeto disponer las reglas y principios que rigen los contratos de las entidades estatales.

Defines the following notions: Also amends article 13, 16, 17 and It amends the following articles of the basic law No. Replaces sub-para 2 with a new sub-para concerning the procedure of applications submission by citizens of EU member states and a new sub-para 3 concerning the evaluation of applications by the Council.

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As a general rule, every 24 hours a driver is entitled to a minimum of 11 continuous hours of rest. Article 3 introduces and frames the reduction in emoluments of Officials and Employees and in pensions of Pensioners. Article 4 introduces the following new articles: Recruitments going against the provisions of the current law Article It also adds new article 4 on the temporary introduction of special provisions regulating the filling of vacancies to be exempted from the suspension of filling.

Provisional Regulations on the dismissal of workers decdeto employees who have violated rules of labour discipline in state-run enterprises, issued by the State Council.

Termination of contract Article 8: Other various provisions Chapter IX: Appointments, subscriptions, promotions, service regulations and discharge Chapter IV: