Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. Dividing the century into the Age of Catastrophe, –, the Golden Age, –, and the Landslide, –, Hobsbawm marshals a vast array of . Eric Hobsbawm was a rare bird himself: “the last living Communist”, as he was teased at his 90th birthday party, and one of the last committed.

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Eric Hobsbawm obituary | Books | The Guardian

He was a Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge, from to By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Marx and Marxism — His system, or variants of it, has remained continuously in use in music schools of Europe and the United States.

Yet, as with his contemporary, Christopher Hill, who left the CP at this time, the political trauma of and the start of a lastingly happy second marriage combined in some way to trigger a sustained and fruitful period of historical writing that was to establish fame and reputation. Wikiquote has quotations related to: These works are reminders that Hobsbawm was both a bridge between European and British historiography and a forerunner of the notable rise of the study of social history in post Britain.

His quartet of books beginning with The Age of Revolution and ending with The Age of Extremes constitute the best starting point I know for anyone who wishes to begin studying modern history. Our editors hobshaum review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article. Retrieved 4 October In these circumstances it does not much matter whether we opt for a “conservative” estimate nearer to ten than hobbsaum twenty million or a larger figure: He’d been quietly fighting leukemia for a number of years without fuss or fanfare.


His conversations with the Italian communist — and now state president — Giorgio Napolitano date from these years, and were published as The Italian Road to Socialism. The Invention of Tradition. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. Though he strongly disapproved of much hobsgaum what later took shape as “New Labour”, which he saw, among other things, as historically cowardly, he was without question the single most influential intellectual forerunner of Labour’s increasingly iconoclastic s revisionism.

Retrieved 21 November In its citation, Downing Street said Hobsbawm continued to publish works that hobsbaumm problems in history and politics that have re-emerged to disturb the complacency of Europe”.

Eric Hobsbawm

Hobsbawm wrote extensively on many subjects as one of Britain’s most prominent historians. I find it tragic, rather than disgraceful. Views Read Edit View history.

Around this time he joined the Socialist Schoolboys, which he described as “de facto part of the communist movement” and sold its publication, Schulkampf School Struggle.

Archived from the original on 2 March Ideologically a Marxisthis socio-political convictions influenced the character of his work. They divorced in Royal Society of Literature.

Eric Hobsbawm – Wikipedia

A fourth volume, The Age of Extremes: But he did not leave the Party. Retrieved 9 January But his most influential political work centred on his increasing certainty that the European labour movement had ceased to be capable of bearing the transformational role assigned to it by earlier Marxists. British historian David Pryce-Jones conceded that Hobsbawm was “no doubt intelligent and industrious, and he might well have made a notable contribution as a historian”, but also charged that Hobsbawm, as a professional historian who has “steadily corrupted knowledge into propaganda, and scorns the concept of objective truth”, was “neither a historian nor professional.


With regard to the impact of his Marxist outlook and sympathies on his scholarship, Ben Pimlott saw it as “a tool not a straitjacket; he’s not dialectical or following a party line”, although Judt argued that it drik “prevented his achieving the analytical distance he does on the 19th century: This was followed in by The Age of Capital: A vast silence surrounds the realities of communism, a refusal to engage which led the late Tony Judt to conclude that Hobsbawm had ‘provincialised himself’.

Tales of Marx and Marxismand Fractured Times: Whatever it had ordered, we would have obeyed If the Party ordered you to abandon your lover or spouse, you did so.

Joshua Bennathan, Julia and Andy Hobsbawm. In a interview on BBC British television with Canadian author and politician Michael Ignatieff whose grandfather and great-grandfather were ministers of the Czar prior to the Bolshevik Revolutionhobbaum shocked viewers when he said that the deaths of millions of Soviet citizens under Stalin would have been worth it if a genuine Communist society had been the result.

Legacies of Twentieth-Century Communism.

But his politics, which were never a secret, led to rejection. The four volumes embodied all of Hobsbawm’s best qualities — the sweep combined with the telling anecdote and statistical grasp, the attention to the nuance and significance of events and words, and above all, perhaps, the unrivalled powers of synthesis nowhere better displayed than in a classic summary of midth century capitalism on the very first page of the second volume.

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