Each unit armed with a mortar weapon system gives examinations semiannually. Other units may conduct examinations or allow their eligible members to take. 90(FM ). MORTARS. DECEMBER DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION: Distribution authorized to U.S. Government agencies and their contractors only. Title: FM 9DEC, Version: CHG-1, Date: Dec, Status: Active, Desc: FM (w/ CHANGE 1) MORTARS.

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To lay the mortar correctly, he takes a compensated sight picture Figure Maintain compatibility and quantity of ammunition, as outlined in TM The bipod legs are together, and the bipod is folded up under the barrel until the mortarx mechanism latches to the collar assembly.

The candidate selects his assistants from within his squad to participate in the test. It consists of seven subassemblies. If the pins cannot be replaced, the fuze may be armed. Duds are dangerous and should not be handled by anyone other than a member of the EOD team. Monticello, Minnesota, United States. Not more than one member is selected from officers who are assigned to the candidate’s organization.

Enter Your Email Address. The mortar is prepared for action on an azimuth by the evaluator and his assistants. The elevation and cross-level bubbles are considered centered when the bubbles are resting entirely within the outer etched lines on the vials.

The assistants must remain in their normal positions until the evaluator gives the first deflection element. Placing the mortar into a firing position from the traveling position Small deflection change Referring the sight and realigning the aiming posts Large deflection and elevation changes Reciprocally laying.


Those failing the examination should be retrained for testing at a later date.

FM Chptr 3 mm Mortar, M

The housing has a latch to secure the collar and shock absorbers to the housing for carrying. For the mm, the turntable is centered, the traversing mechanism is within four turns of center of traverse, and the traverse extension is centered and locked.

The assistant does not manipulate the sight or lay the mortar for deflection. In TOE units, squad members should be rotated within the squad so that each member can become proficient in all squad positions.

Ensure that ammunition does not become water-soaked. If both aiming posts appear as one, the separation is caused by traversing. They are in position at the start of the examination.

As the round starts to clear the muzzle, the squad leader squeezes his thumbs against the body of the round–not the fuze–and removes it.

Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the balance is not f in full within 6 months. The mortar should be within two turns of center of traverse when the exercise is completed. This separation is caused by either a large deflection shift of the barrel or by a rearward displacement of the baseplate assembly caused by the shock of firing.

FM 23-90 (w/ CHANGE 1), ARMY FIELD MANUAL: MORTARS (09-DEC-2002)(TO 11W2-5-13-21)

A faulty firing pin assembly on a mm mortar, M, requires that the firing pin be tightened upon completion of firing when frequent trigger firing using M, Morhars, or Mseries ammunition. Seller does not offer returns. The section leader, acting as the FDC, has one deflection instead of two.


He also inspects each round for cleanliness and serviceability.

After mounting the mortar, he should have mils deflection and mils elevation on the sight for the 4. Tools are not needed to set this fuze. The propelling charge may not function for the following reasons:. In this test, the sight-to-sight method is used to reciprocal lay the mortar. Thus, a hangfire cannot be distinguished immediately from a misfire.

The gunner unlocks the barrel from the baseplate by loosening the locking knob until the barrel can be rotated. The base cap end of the cannon has cooling fins on the outside, which reduce heat generated during firing.

In time trials, the candidate does not receive credit for the trial if he performs any part of it after announcing, “Up.

Skip to main content. The high rate of fire is due to the simplicity of the mortar and its lightweight ammunition.

If the barrel is too hot to be handled, he cools it with water or snow and checks it morgars minute later. In this test 4. He then rotates the socket cap so that the open end points in the direction of fire.