Francesco Carotta, – The spreading of these texts is free, except for commercial purposes. SUMMARY. The question is: IS JESUS DIVUS JULIUS?. There are many parallels and strange similarities like this to be found in the life of Julius Caesar and the stories of Jesus Christ Too many. Jesus Was Caesar by Francesco Carotta, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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An Investigative Report is a book by Francesco Carotta, originally published inwhich presents a case that the historical person behind the Biblical figure Jesus Christ was not Jesus of Nazareth, but Julius Caesarfrom whose cult later dissolved as Christianity surfaced and developed over the centuries. Nuno Da Silveira rated it liked it Feb 18, Dec 15, Babak Fakhamzadeh rated it really liked it Shelves: Untitled Msg ID Thread It is all a recipe for disaster.

Early historians, however, never mentioned Jesus and even now there is no actual proof of his existence. If things went the way they had with the Gracchi brothers, Julius Caesar’s days were numbered, as well as all his followers.

The Optimates, while Caesar was in Gaul, had been jerry-rigging legal matters in order to outflank Ceaser politically. Crancesco is augmented by comparisons from archaeologynumismaticsiconographyliturgyand ritual traditions. It is quite strange.

In the perception and understanding of the people of Rome, and even of much of the empire: As Paul Cliteur of the University of Leiden stated: The Arab word for feast is “eid”. Along with this book, you will want to read also Gary Courtney’s Et tu, Judas?

Divus Iulius into Greek, resulting in the early gospel, is more understandable when you realize that whoever did these original translations were not very familiar with Latin, and were very unschooled in Greek.

Corruptions in the copying of texts, misinterpretations in translations and the transformation of iconography from Roman to Christian have been traced to their origins. Since then he has continued his research and written several articles.


Jesus Was Caesar by Ed Young

The cult that surrounded him dissolved as Christianity surfaced. However, Carotta goes much further and postulates that the sudden introduction of the Jesus myth was actually triggered by actual events, distorted as they ended up being. This English translation fromwhich I’ve had in my possession for a few years now and hadn’t gotten round to reading, includes a significant amount of re-evaluated research with a lot of updated details.

When I studied, well attempted to study, Latin in school and had to do exams, I would understand enough of texts which needed to be translated to get bits right, but by far not enough to come even close to the original meanings of the texts, basically inventing interpolations just to make sense of the bits I did understand. Sulla had massacred all opposing politicians when he had gained power and piled their heads in the forum. Perhaps far fetched at first, proof of Buddha’s historical existence is almost as shaky as Jesus’, and not unlikely, because Octavianus’ early years were modeled in part on Alexander the Great’s early years, Alexander had such a large geographical reach and carktta more of a contemporary with the Buddha, these parallels might indeed be more than trivial, though perhaps not direct.

Balagwan Villanueva rated it it was amazing Oct 08, Peter Cresswell marked it as to-read May 06, I thought it was Elvis There’s some important things to wxs Participation Jesks Recent changes Create or edit Task tracking. But if he really thinks about it from carottw chronological standpoint, Jesus would have been better cast as Caesar’s son. Scribes were horrified at the forgiveness.

Jesus Was Caesar : Francesco Carotta :

In the eyes of his cult worshipers, the real religious power of Divus Iulius was the fact that he was murdered by the very same men whom he had saved. He also almost completely ignores New Testament scholarhip in his work. Jun 05, Steefen rated it really liked it. Dominican priest Jerome Murphy-O’Connor criticized Carotta for avoiding explanations on why the “figure called Jesus Christ” would have been “invented” and given a “life modeled on that of Julius Caesar”, and “why there should be four versions of the career of Jesus”.


Message 1 of 33 On the one hand, an actual historical figure missing his cult; on the other, a cult missing its actual historical figure. There are many parallels and strange similarities like this to be found in the life of Julius Caesar and the stories of Jesus Christ Michael Ber rated it it was amazing Apr 06, My strongest feeling is: Almanach vom Kore VerlagFreiburg: Fernando marked it as to-read May 18, On the Julian Origin of Christianity: Carotta uses extremely in-depth analyses of ancient sources Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Hebrew, Aramaic, etc.

Jesus was Caesar

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Hendriks, Tommie”Was Jezus Caesar? They had killed the man who had reinstated them into positions of great political power, even after they had fought against him, trying to kill him.

Carotta seems to think that the mistranslations were done by those who confused Gaul and Galilee. Are the Gospels a ‘mis-telling’ of the life of Caesar – from the Rubicon to his assassination – mutated into the narrative of Jesus – franfesco the Jordan to his crucifixion?

Clodi Source of the Gospel of Mark: They had already begun to misunderstand and transpose certain place names in the Latin and identify what little they understood in terms of Galilee, Judaea, Jordon, etc.