The authentic website for Franklin Merrell-Wolff, created and supported by his family and friends. Our mission is not merely to present Franklin Merrell-Wolff’s. 31 May By Franklin Merrell-Wolff. IT IS A COMMON and apparently quite natural habit with us to regard the material given through the senses as being. This book provides a critical exposition of the philosophy of Franklin Merrell-Wolff , a twentieth-century mystic and philosopher–an exceedingly rare and fruitful.

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I was even prepared not to have the personal consciousness share in this Recognition in any way. There is a science of recognition, though in large part it remains esoteric.

Return of the joyous state would at once induce the feeling of well-being.

It seems that Franklin’s spiritual realization has also stood the test of time. Thus the terms-in-relation of the sensible world are to be viewed as relative emptiness contained in an unseen and substantial matrix.

Wolff also wrote a number of short essays intended primarily for his students and his close associates, and engaged in correspondence with the same; other than this, however, he virtually ceased all formal writing about a decade after his realizations.

In DecemberWolff and Sherifa founded the Assembly of Man, an educational center that adopted a generally theosophical orientation.

But now, he had to admit the possibility that this pursuit might lead him outside the academy, for the type of knowledge promulgated in Theosophy was not widely recognized in scholarly circles.

In the nineteen years that he was married to Gertrude, Wolff recorded some two-hundred-forty audio essays covering topics that include philosophy, psychology, religion, politics, yoga, and more—more material than he had produced at any time before. We got the transcript from the website of the Franklin Merrell-Wolff Fellowship.

Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. However, no brain substance could be so refined as to be capable of attunement to the grand cosmical tread of those Thoughts.


The effort must be to attain a consciousness without objective content. I tested various different routes, finding values and defects in all, and then at last by combining the best that India has to offer in the field of metaphysics with the best of western science and philosophy, and then adding thereto some modifications of my own, I found a road that has proved successful.

Views Read Edit View history. The first phase is highly noetic but superconceptual. This project—the construction of a franklij building in the shape of a balanced cross symbolizing equilibrium —consumed over twenty frnklin of summer work, and Merrelll-wolff and his group merrell-wlff yearly conventions on the site.

Yet, in this, the self-identity remained unbroken in a dimly sensed series of deeps reaching on to ever greater profundities of what, in one sense, was an impenetrable Darkness, and yet I knew It was the very essence of Light itself. Summer work progressed on the Tuttle Creek ashram untilwhich was the last year that Sherifa was able to travel to the site.

The Transcendental Philosophy of Franklin Merrell-Wolff

Therefore, abandon the search and expect nothing. To understand these mystical uses of words one must isolate and idealize the essential functions of the corresponding literal or physical process. You Have 0 Item s In Cart. The Metaphysics and Epistemology Albany: The notable change was in a subtle quality franklih with the air breathed.

During the remaining seven years of his life, Wolff welcomed visitors into his home, encouraged spirited discussion, and retained his wry wit until the end. On Yoga and Re-embodiment were self-published in We become concretely aware only when contacting voids. After franmlin educated in philosophy and mathematics at Merrell-wolf and Harvard, he devoted himself to the goal of achieving a level of consciousness beyond that of standard human conception.

Franklin Merrell-Wolff: Words that blaze with Truth

Spontaneity took over in place of the old self-determined effort. However, introspective analysis revealed the fact that the elixir-like quality was most marked during exhalation, thus indicating that it was not derived from normal air.

Hence, he who has consciously realized himself as identical frankpin the higher Life has at the same time become consciously identical with duration. His father was a Methodist minister, as well as a pioneer in the California citrus growing business. My final word on this particular subject is: These are objective effects, apparently well within the range of objective determination.

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Mysticism and Philosophy Mysticism Philosophy 5. The deepening consciousness that followed at once is simply inconceivable and quite beyond the possibility of adequate representation. This was supersensible and monistic, and served as the base in which the lower phase inhered.

Available as a Google eBook for other eReaders and tablet devices. He was extending this analytic method into the realm of spirituality and psychological states, as have others in the past who have followed the path of discrimination.

Thought continued to do so as I grew and indeed has dominated my life up to the present. I began to see that there were problems and things that franklih to be cleared up.

Mystical Experience of Franklin Merrell-Wolff

Franklin had also meerrell-wolff spending a great deal of time alone as a gold-prospector, and this solitude helped him contemplate and understand the subtle philosophical issues in some depth. He therefore needed sleep after a prolonged period of contact with higher states. In terms of Franklin’s role as guru, it is unclear to what extent he acted as a classical Indian guru to his disciples. Back to Experience Stories.

My Awakening by Franklin Merrell-Wolff

This would be the pen name Wolff used in his later written and recorded work. But the important point, as seen by me, was truth that could be relied upon, that could be trusted, whatever it might be. Certainly, merrell-wolff the sense of objective reference, it is meaningless, nonetheless I must still affirm its substantial truth with respect to the sense of the immediate realization.