Georg Lomer Biography – – Georg Lomer Biography and List of Works – Georg Lomer Georg Lomer Is the author of books such as Seven Hermetic Letters. Seven Hermetic Letters has 11 ratings and 1 review. Nik said: ‘Fun’ read! As for me it would be hard to abstain from meat and sex! The rest is good info. Georg Lomer is the author of Seven Hermetic Letters ( avg rating, 11 ratings, 1 review, published ), Liebe Und Psychose ( avg rating, 0 rating.

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The spirit is completely motionless and directed towards one particular object. Even in feorg instance, what will advance you the most will be your own work. Do things which you have to force yourself to do or things which, up to now, you did not like to do. And you will receive proof of the practical awakening of higher energies within you. If the soul herself appears as a symbol, you experience her as a bird; also, if you dream of flying, it will unveil to you many a secret in this connection.

In other words, you will have begun to see yourself as the spirit sees you in order to acquire an insight into your intention, your purpose, and to bring yourself into line with this intention. In your daytime thinking you are externally distracted through the senses compared to the leaves on a treelomed your night-time experiences are inwardly concentrated compared to the circulation of the sap in the branch of a tree.

A complete change of animal flesh into human energies is not always successful, and not every human being has these capabilities. The more important such a conversation is, the more strictly you must follow this rule. Do you expect worldly advantages that are easily obtained, which give you priority over your fellow man without making any high demands upon yourself?

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Georg Lomer (Author of Seven Hermetic Letters)

And you did so much for this body! The other path is when the sap that nourished the leaf withdraws into the branch, into the trunk of the tree, and unites with the original sap current which was there from the beginning, which to him is father and mother at the same time. For instance, a businessman with no children dreams that he is throwing a small child into the water.

What you should understand is the actual point they were trying to make it is a reflection of yourself. Also, omit a meal which is not important, such as afternoon tea or coffee. The dream takes these thousands of pictures from the treasury of your memory and arranges them for its purpose. For instance, begin this exercise on the first day from 8: Coffee and tea are allowed, but only moderately and considerably diluted or watered down.

You see what you perceive there, so to speak, through another lens. If he thinks evil, then the evil has been accepted by the world of effects and somehow, somewhere, it will take on shape and form.

They must be thoroughly detoxified, because a cleansed will can only grow in a cleansed organism. If properly done, this systematic self-recognition and self-assessment will take at least a full month.

Here you have two negative exercises what you should not do and five positive exercises what you should do.

Georg Lomer – Seven Hermetic Letters – Hermetik International

This exercise can only be considered successful when you see each object before your inner eye with such clarity that you can touch it. Everything that has to do with gold and silver or any semblance thereof golden hair, valuables etc. I suggest that every week you change your autosuggestion in accordance with content and form. If that person forces you in one way or another to look at him, then do so, but in such a manner that you adjust your sight into the far distance.


What does your brother, your sister, your spouse say about you and your character?

It is pollinated and develops into a fruit. If you have completed the First and Second Letters, you have learned to utilize this power for yourself through the easy method of concentration.

It is in these pictures that the whole of our act of thinking takes place. His or her last breath has just escaped, and the eyes have lost their sparkle. Scrutinize one after the other; contemplate what they think of you and how they came to that conclusion.

We are dealing here with pictures, essentially entirely optical pictures, that is, visual pictures. In its form and in the formation of the lines of the palm, the hand reflects the danger points of your development, the years you have to struggle as well as the amount of energy that has crystallized within your person.

Lomer, Georg

Do not choose a comfortable chair, but pick an especially hard or uncomfortable chair. Make certain that there is complete silence all around you and that you remain alone. Attempt to recognize the consequences, both to yourself geoorg to others, which were caused by your behavior.

By the time you have counted to the second 3, you will have lifted gorg left leg lmer moved your foot forward, the same as if you were walking. The vibrations of the planets in this cosmos are relatively slow that is why they are perceptible to the simple senses. Should you not know a qualified graphologist you can contact the author.

In general, the amount of food you eat should be very moderate.