Manuals and User Guides for HP DeskJet c Series. We have 4 HP DeskJet c Series manuals available for free PDF download: Quick Help, User Manual, . HP DeskJet c Printer Owners Manuals, User Guides, Instructional Help Documents & Operating Information. Select the “download drivers” bubble and type in the model number of your printer. Follow the instructions and you should be set to go. HP DeskJet c.

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Automatically Cleaning Print Cartridges Place the banner paper in the In tray with the unattached edge 845 thepaper facing the printer. Push the envelopes forward until they stop. Page 32 printing photographs1. Verify that the Out tray is down. Introducing The Hp Deskjet Printer To align print cartridges: Cleaning The Print Cartridges Slide the paper guides snugly against the transfer paper, then push inthe tray.

Do not usehousehold cleaners or detergents. Dip the end of a clean cotton swab into the distilled water and removeany excess water. Place the envelope—with the flap side on the left and facing up—intothe single envelope slot. Touching these parts will result in clogs, ink failure, and badelectrical connections.

The cradle moves to the center of the printer.


What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Print cartridges are cleaned automatically using the following procedure: Contacting Hp Customer Care Page 16 changing print options in the manial print settings dialogbox1.

Increasing Printer Performance Mqnual 76 check the print cartridge configuration1. Replace the print cartridge if it is empty. Place no more than 15 envelopes—with the flap side on the left andfacing up—in the tray. Secure the cradle latch. Page 72 printer does not turn onThe printer may have drawn too much power. A fax is being printed. Press the Power button to turn off the printer.

If the Print Cartridge Status light continues to blink after installing a new printcartridge, check the part number on the cartridge to confirm that the correctcartridge is installed. Increase space on the hard drive.

Using The Taskbar Icon Page 34 greeting cardspreparing to print1. Slide the paper guides snugly against the edges of the cards, then slidein the tray.

Place no more than 25 transparency sheets in the tray with the roughside down and the adhesive strip toward the printer. Align the media edges.

hp deskjet c/c series Manual _Download Manual

Slide up paper guides snugly against the edges of the paper. It also creates many potential problems, such as: Select up to 20 sheets of banner paper but not less than 5 sheets. Cindy Wells Level 3 Expert Answers. What does this mean?


Press the Power button to turn on the printer. Learn About The Printer Repeat this process until no ink residue appears on a clean swab.

Keep both new and used print cartridgesout of the reach of children. The printersoftware, also mnaual a printer driver, provides dialog boxes to communicateprint requests to the printer. Page 11 out trayChange the position of the Out tray for different printing tasks.

Slidethe tray forward until it stops.

Fan the edges of the photo paper to separate them, then align the photopaper edges. Out tray upOut tray up – Raise the mannual with the banner switch to properly load bannerpaper. Once theodd-numbered pages are printed, a message appears prompting youto reload the paper so that the even-numbered pages can be printed. Cleaning The Printer Case Photos Are Not Printing Correctly Begreper Og Konvensjoner It allows 485c to changethe default print quality. Page 79 photos are not printing correctly1.

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