29 Aug “An item which fulfils all wishes”. Many people believe that a person’s wishes are fulfilled on reading this auspicious and holy book. Kalpa Sutra. The Kalpasutra (Book of Rituals) is the most important canonical text in Jain literature for the Svetambaras (white-clad), one of the two sects of Jainism. Jainism. 19 Jul Kalpasutra (कल्पसूत्र) is a Jain ancient text containing the biographies of the last two Jain Tirthankaras,Parshvanath and Mahavira.

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Ethics of Jainism Sallekhana. He achieved enlightenment and eventually moksha, final liberation from the world of birth, death and rebirth. They vary in number from 7 to 14 or 16 according to the source. His upper garment of fine cloth contained swinging pearl pendants. The text records the five auspicious events – the descent from heaven, birth, initiation, obtaining of omniscience, and death – and many legends of the last three Pathfinders or Tirthankaras: Diwali Mahavir Jayanti Paryushana Samvatsari.

Kalpasutrz the Venerable Ascetic Mahavira, out of compassion for his mother, did not move nor stir nor quiver, but remained quiet, stiff, and motionless. The recipient’s name Recipient’s email address Your name. Numberless excellent actors performed and many Talakaras were present, drums sounded harmoniously, fresh garlands and wreaths were seen everywhere, and the whole population in the town and in the country rejoiced and was in full glee.

Arya Sthalabhadra of the Gautama gotra 8. Baladevas are devout Jains who, after renouncing the world to become monksare usually liberated but may be reborn kalpastura gods in one of the heavens. They are able to understand his teachings properly and can pass them on.

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Fifth Lecture In that night in which the Venerable Ascetic Mahavira was born, there was a divine lustre oriJinated by many kalpsutra and ascending gods and goddesses, and in the universe, resplendent with one light, the conflux of gods occasioned great confusion and noise.

It is also spoken in neighbouring states. In that period, in that age, on the thirteenth day of the third month of the rainy season, in the kalpaeutra fortnight, the dark fortnight of Asvina, after the lapse of eighty-two days, on the kalpasura day current since his conceptionthe embryo of the Venerable Ascetic Mahavira was, on the command of Sakra, safely removed by Harinegamesi from the womb of the Brahmani Devinanda to that of the Kshatriyani Trisala, in the middle of the night, when the moon was in conjunction with the asterism Uttaraphalguni.

Kalpa Sūtra – Wikipedia

Indadinna of the Kasyapa gotra, B. Please complete the form to email this item. Second inscription, continued after the manuscript has been repaired, in a later hand. The kaopasutra Jina of the present age. Viewing your results Presenting your results Narrowing your results Sorting your results Individual object records.

There are some differences of doctrine or belief between these two sects and to some extent their followers consider themselves as belonging to distinct branches. A monk who during the Paggusan keeps still more protracted fasts, is allowed to accept only one kind of drink: See individual images for details of copyright.

Kamidithi of the Kundala gotra, who founded the Vesavatika Gana, which was divided into four Sakhas:. We promote tolerance and the highest ideals reflected in these cultures. Scripture Set of sacred texts that believers accept as authoritative within a religion. Hymn The terms stavanstavanastavastotra and stuti are all used for a prayer, song, chant or hymn to a Jina, a god or any other holy figure.


Susthita and Supratibuddha, surnamed Kotika and Kakandaka, of the Vyaghrapatya gotra; Thus saying he accepted the true meaning of the dreams, and honoured the interpreters of dreams with praise and plenty of food, flowers, perfumes, garlands, and ornaments.

He may accept one donation of salt for seasoning his meat. This tradition started in Gujarat after a son of the king of Vadanagar died at an early age. Arya Ratha of the Vatsa gotra, founder of the Aryag-ayantl Sakha.

Also used for carvings, sandalwood produces a highly prized kalpsautra used in cosmetics and klapasutra. For example, Buddhists hold that the world around us is a short-lived illusion and do not believe in individual, everlasting souls. His symbolic colour is blue or black and his emblem the conch. Ara, and he exerted himself for the suppression of the defilement of Karman. Jinas are born into this caste.

Or are you looking for Search the Archives? He foreboded innumerable good qualities. Arya Pulgyagiri of the Kausika gotra Rishigupta Kakandaka of the Vasishtha gotra, founder of the Manava Gana, which was divided into four Sakhas: There was nothing of this kind in the Venerable One.


Jain texts Atomism Indian biographies. They fast, read, spend time with monks and meditate. The calligraphy in some illuminated manuscripts of the Qur’an, for example, consists entirely of gold. Acknowledgement or declaration of the truth of a statement.

One of the meanings is this: