CONTACT. kingsmill industries pinxton headquarters. UK Head Office. Earth Rods and Accessories. Earth Rods and Accessories. Earth Rods. Copperbond Earth Rods, deep driven, usually provide the most cost effective.

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Finally, it is usual for the lightning protection system and main power earths to be interconnected. Where practical they should be routed directly from the air termination to the earth system and be spaced symmetrically around the outside walls of the structure.

There would therefore be a potential difference between them.

Lightning Protection & Earthing – A Brief Guide By Kingsmill Earthing

For down leads not part of the structure, copper earth tapes and aluminium earth tapes are the most widely used materials. From a simple modification to earrhing complete new bespoke item. At all times consideration must be given to the possibility of side flashing. However, where this is not desirable for technical reasons, an earth potential equaliser can be installed between them.

Kingsmill Earthing, Lightning & Surge Protection

These should be a minimum of 9 metre for the whole system. However, this needs to be assessed in relation to the consequences of a direct strike. Kingsmill are proud to be a UK owned, family run business, located in the heart of the UK and are pleased to say that they have been supplying excellent service into the industry for the eagthing 15 years.

Kingsmill various standards for earthing provide design limits to be met and together with codes of practice explain how the earthing system can be designed to meet these.

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This should be at least 0. This commitment to quality follows throughout all aspects of the company including manufacture, development, customer support and service.

Each down conductor should also be provided with a test point as a means of isolating the earth electrode for test purposes. For instance, if the building is an explosive store then the highest level of protection will be required even if the risk of a strike is low.


earthiny See – Copper Earthing Mats Lattice For Combatting Step Potentials Problems ii Touch Potential the jingsmill difference during fault conditions between exposed metalwork and a point on the soil surface iii Transfer Potential the potential difference between as insulated cable connected to a remote earth reference and the earth rod A number of factors will determine whether or not a person experiencing any of these potentials will be at risk, and the standards attempt to take these into account to ascertain the limits below which the design will be considered acceptable.

History of Kingsmill Earthing.

Lightning Protection & Earthing – A Brief Guide By Kingsmill Earthing

The purpose of a lightning protection system is to shield a building, its occupants and contents from these adverse effects. Earthing The various standards for earthing provide design limits to be met and together with codes of practice explain how the earthing system can be designed to meet these. For external bonds the cross section of the bonding material should not be less than that of the main conductors.

Kingsmill Earthing have been manufacturing excellence since Any good conductor which forms part of the building structure can be employed as a down conductor with appropriate connection to the air termination and earthing systems.

Kingsmill thrive on solving customer products problems. Kingsmill products are designed, manufactured and tested to meet rigorous standards ensuring earthjng levels of safety and protection for buildings, people, livestock, content and sensitive electronic equipment. Since their inception inKingsmill have gone from strength to strength and have developed into one of the industry market earghing – Kingsmill have done this by focusing on service, quality, price, delivery, commitment and trust.



In the resulting calculation, if the risk is found to be less than 1: The most important difference is that the earthing system is designed to ensure that potentials in its vicinity are below appropriate limits.

Internal bonds can however be kungsmill smaller cross section since they are mainly for equipotential purposes and are unlikely to carry a proportion of the lightning current.

The code of practice for Protection earthint Structures against lightning details these and are used to estimate risk. Elements of a Lightning Protection System. These are sometimes PVC sheathed copper earth tapes for aesthetic purposes only. These potentials are referred to as: The earth electrodes being positioned near the equipment where a fault current was expected to pass. If this potential difference was greater than the breakdown value of the air or material in between, then a side flash could occur resulting in severe damage.

Traditional taper-pointed air terminals are not as frequently used today but when they are they should be positioned near those points where a strike is most earfhing to hit the building. The earth system should be designed as a whole since the complete installation should rise in potential together, to avoid excessive voltage differences. There are differences in the design limits applying to consumer installations and to supply industry installations and reference should be made to the correct standard to check the limits which apply in each situation.

The ring conductor is made from copper tape or cable aluminium is not permitted for use below ground and also helps to provide potential equalisation at ground ezrthing, in addition to potential grading.