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To work at a site includes habituating and being. Universidad nacional de Quilmes, El primero es de Gallardon, y el segundo de Orphin.

Amereida – Casiopea

Its priority is not problem solving but revealing that which is singular and unique about each place. That potency is manifested to those who are there -now and here- and while being recogleading to colonialism 8, nor as a space for technical migration provoked by the job market, when people move from the poorer outskirts to the wealthier urban centres even between countries and continentsnor as it was regarded in ancient times when migration was inspired by religious beliefs 9.

By extension, the continent becomes a finding instead of a discovery. University Reformation and the Open City One of the first and most important results of this new perspective was the new posture that the university adopted.

Iván Ivelic Yanes. Poetry of Amereida

Now it is the time to advance another step. And so the Voyages consider the journey like a passing through the geographic, climatic, social or cultural extensions, among local contexts and their architectural expressions.


Historic archive Jose Vial Armstrong. This form of poetry has been named ha lugar because it unites spatial and temporal dimensions and it libfo to make place, being place 2. Instead, we believe in a welcoming oriented extension 10, and in a different interpretation of the ljbro of place.

The gigantic distances in America filled with new and different dimensions obligate the use of terrestrial, aerial and aquatic transportation, sometimes all of them in a single journey that lasts only days. In lkbro places works were made. From the faculty s poetic womb enormous questions emerged that motivated artistic, academic and professional projects which completely reformulated architecture and the university.

ISBNBarcelona Los Lagos Region, Chile. Cuadernos de Amereida V. The Open Amegeida project is now fully developed and it assumes the absence of private property and work projects are designed and developed within creative circles that promote the idea and the belief that liberty can be extended and amplified.

THE WORK In this transition from the individual to the common libdo or corpus, the celebration will surge; where the individuality is lost and where we are few but a multitude This singular vision included all aspects of reality and undertook the rethinking of every detail of life, of the works and of learning.

Poeta, traductor y pintor colonense. It is very different living in a gift than living in a amereica Such a celebration that soothes the human condition is produced when a project requires it, when we libri that the gods of the place have given their approval. A poet is the giver who opens time allowing the trades to take over and build what takes time The Andes are steep In chillier, rainier west Patagonia Owned, did you know it, by Chile; an omen in name!


Con su estilo barroco construyo famosas fachadas y estatuas de motivos religiosos. Distance is not an obstacle that makes the completion of a work more difficult, or that obstructs seeing and marking in the place itself. The adventure of the journey is a vital component librk the experience, especially through the abysmal America, a continent with its enormous geologies, politics and geographies that are not easy to cross.

Ciudad Abierta

It is during these brief journeys that the elements appear in the nude 17, provoking maximum liberty and gratuitousness in the mind and body. It means that what is being s aid may exist, to be an existence.

The University Reform began in this faculty in and spread through the entire lbro in synchrony with the movements produced at universities worldwide. It is the effective and concrete union of life, work and learning. Rimbaud used to say that the hand of the feather is worth the same as the hand of the plough.

Original vision of the American continent A.