The Oil Industry Safety Directorate (OISD) is a regulatory and technical directorate in India. It was established in by Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. OISD – STD. INDEX. SECTION. CONTENTS. Introduction. Scope. Definitions. Plant Layout Philosophy. Layout of Blocks/Facilities. 11 Feb A: Neeraj Bagai, OISD, [email protected] Clause of OISD STD clearly ask for dyke around storage tanks whether it is class A.

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However if it is necessary to provide smoking booths, these should be located at a safe distance of: For a group of fixed roof tanks: The entire area should be sub- divided into blocks.

Excluded petroleum shall be stored in a separate oisf enclosure and shall not be stored along with class A, B or C petroleum.

Storage tank for petroleum class A 0. Clearance shall be provided for movement between reboiler and tower. Fired heaters should be kept at open end of the unit upwind from the remaining plant equipments.

However, for smaller installations, this requirement may be relaxed if not feasible. D — pisd of larger tank in metres d — diameter of smaller tank in metres 4.

Shell and tube heat exchanger should have a longitudinal clearance of at least one metre plus the length of removable bundles. Note 2 Petroleum storage tanks shall be located in dyked enclosures with roads all around the enclosure. For gas processing plants, it shall be 30m irrespective of whether the control room is for one or more units. Any vessel in one group shall be separated from a vessel in another group by a minimum distance of 30m.


Areas around the heaters shall be graded for guiding spills away from process equipment.

Oil Industry Safety Directorate

Top surface of the vessels installed in a group should be on the same plane so that safety blowout from one vessel does not affect the other vessel. Free access shall be provided for hoisting the equipment.

If a group of tanks contains both fixed and floating roof tanks, thenit shall be treated as a group of fixed roof tanks for the purpose of above limits. The bay should be designed in such a way that the driver’s cabin will be facing the exit direction and shall have no obstruction. Maximum size of a block should be established based on tank farm layouts.

Cylinders shall be stacked vertically. Storage shall be kept on or above grade and never below grade in cellar or basement. However it shall not exceed 60cm at shallow sump position, as otherwise evaporation of spilled LPG may get affected.

Storage tank for petroleum class C T5 T5 T5 15 – 8 – – – 4.

Fire station includes fire tenders, foam equipments and fire fighting accessories. The steam oiwd facilities block should preferably include boiler feed water pump, chemical block for boiler house etc. Tall towers require frequent operating attention at upper levels. Care shall be taken to facilitate future expansion without any interferene to plant on-stream.

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Other distances indicated are recommended from erection, operation and maintenance safe guards. Process Unit – a unit having integrated sequence of operationphysical and chemical, and may involve preparation, separation, purification, or change in state, energy content or composition.

Where process requirement dictates their installation above grade, these should be located in open area. This distance shall not be less than the diameter of the nearest vessel or 15m whichever is higher. Pipe rack main 2 Notes: Gas compressors Hydrocarbon However, if these are covered from top and provided with adequate venting to safe location, kisd minimum safe distance can be reduced from 90m to 30m.

Refer Table-5 for interdistance between tanks.

Std(Layouts for Oil and Gas Installations)_百度文库

Storage tank for petroleum class A T5 T5 T5 15 15 15 15 8 15 2. Today’s trend of large and complex plants presents substantial risk potential. Equipment requiring frequent attention shall have easy accessibility. Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website.