Power4Patriots is a provider of do-it-yourself manuals and videos about the construction of solar panels and accessories. 14 Nov You can hear the commercial along with a video at the Power4Patriots website. Upon looking further into what Mr. Bates is selling, I discovered. Power4Patriots is a series of Do-It-Yourself videos and manuals showing how to build your own solar panels, wind turbine, solar water heater and solar heater.

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They were charging thousands, just for a few solar panels! Not because she was entitled, she deserved it, she earned it. Makes me happy that your basement is full. Yes I guess power4patfiots all know where I live now, L. We had no choice about which power company to use, and as for the oil companies, they could charge whatever the heck they wanted.

Power4Patriots Reviews – Consumer Ratings and Reviews

These plans will require plants to retrofit their operations, which will cost them money… and as a result cost YOU more for your electricity. It’s in addition to guarantee 1, simply invest a little time and effort to implement the Power4Patriots system, build a complete home energy system using my step-by-step videos and guides.

That way it wouldn’t matter if the power went out for everyone else. It depends on which advertisments you are responding to as well it could be good for camping or emergency lighting, but not good for selling electricity back to the power4patirots power companies for example.

So I did a breakdown of the system’s value item by item. You would be lucky to put together a 10W system that could power a compact florescent bulb for about 6 hours a day.


Power4Patriots Review

One idiot even brought up the race card. I have accumulated a surplus about KWh on the meter that could run an electric car for more than 20, miles. Not only does this guy know everything there is to know about generating power, he’s also a stand-up guy who has personally built hundreds of solar panels and taught people all over the world how to build their own independent power systems.

I ordered the 4 books with DVDs on how to build solar panels. At first glance, I’m always a little skeptical of any website that doesn’t post prices, instead asks you to enter your information then they take you to another website. Notify me of new posts by email.

This happened so often that I started to get really worried. Added to this, the perpetrators have engaged in a systematic program to create new web content, targeted at search terms looking for reviews, containing bogus rebuttals powsr4patriots further false energy saving claims. They’re not ready to handle much of anything.

So please, stop whatever else you’re doing and read this quick letter. Most people don’t realize how easy and cost effective it can be to use the sun to heat your water and decrease or even eliminate your monthly water heating bill!

And it’s backed by my famous double guarantee. But that’s not everything. Instead of leaving her, for urinals, sponge baths, non-stop laundry so she was clean.

Now I know how nerve wracking it can be to buy powerpatriots online, especially with all the scams that are out there.

Power4Patriots Review: Is it Legit? – Prepping Pros

Instead of being dependent on the local energy company for power, you will now be able to survive any sort of blackouts, disasters, or even just basic rising electrical costs. According to the top review article, I would have to disagree with Power4Patriots bashing the electric company and government.

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You cannot build your own solar cells anymore than you can power4patirots your own plasma TV. Bonus materials include ebooks on surviving disasters, storing emergency water, and building power4patrlots solar cooker. Finding a Home Contractor: Some would call it a “conspiracy. I decided to do something about it.

Power4Patriots Review: Is it Legit?

What if your water was contaminated by acts of terrorism or flooding? The poor image quality of many charts used in the ebook files makes the text unreadable. No one helped us with Medical Bills, Medications, Hospital bed, and other machines to facilitate getting my wife around with the least pain, so she could have dignity in the bathroom, in the shower, in the kitchen, dining room or on powerp4atriots old couch in the living room so she could look at the windows.

She wanted to stay in her American Dream, till the day she died. Poaer4patriots and your family will be protected from rising electricity costs, blackouts, or any other disaster that’s headed our way.

Tons of people want solar and wind power for their home. And when you add a solar water heater? How much of our carefully prepared and expensive frozen food would have to get thrown out? I’m not going to write another one and some of the things I discussed, like ;ower4patriots predatory practices of Duke Energy, will go unknown.