Description. Psychic Sexuality. By Ingo Swann. In , Ingo Swann was invited by Dr. Elmer Green at the Menninger Foundation to participate in experiments. PSYCHIC. SEXUALITY. The Bio-Psychic “Anatomy” of Sexual Energies. INGO SWANN Published in the United States by Ingo Swann Books,. P.O. Box Psychic sexuality has 26 ratings and 0 reviews: Published by Ingo Swann Books, pages, Unknown Binding.

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I The pineal gland idea, however, found wide favor in the occult ‘ HcmncoH -so called to distinguish those sciences as areas of knowledge rejected by the modern science.

But not their impact, re- uniting scandals, and the extraordinary controversies that came to sur- round the very name of Mesmer. There are various kinds of energetic research going on here or there. Lavater, both esteemed scientists of the I time.

Psychic Sexuality

Many of those terms are commonly utilized in a general sense, but without any in-depth idea of what they mean, especially as regards their forgotten historical background. This factor comes to light where it can be shown that any at- tempts, in modern terms, to research sexualizing energetics, and thus to make sexualuty existence official, are socially and actively condemned.

English Choose a language for shopping. The exacting, simultaneous coordination among six or so young males required, of course, a lot of practice. I have read the book swwann have created a chamber much like then one the Greens built, but on a smaller scale. But leaning too heavily on them tends to obscure another im- portant factor.

Full text of “Psychic Sexuality”

After his education, he traveled in Germany and France investigating the operations seuality ironworks, and in when he was twenty-seven he built and operated his own plant at Villigen in Baden.

The entire realm of intuition, for example, is a good example of this, in that it is entirely composed of sensing invisible but obviously real factors. The second function establishes addi- tional or inherent factors of the dwann life principle, such as the sensitive and sensible qualities. I The Latin ANIMA basically referred a life principle typified by breath; but in ancient times, there were concepts that referred to en- tity-like factors designated by the term SOUL or its many linguistic equivalents.

Many professional pho- tographers made the most scrupulous examination of the materials Mumler had used. Indeed, these two very subtle criteria are ex- ceedingly important. With this financial arrangement, Mesmer increased his vat fa- cilities, and surrounded them with rather impressive environments. It is also quite well established that what we today would call psychic sexuality was often treated as having ceremonial, cathexis, and psychic implications.


Competent biographies of Reich make it quite clear that he was principally mterested not in political issues but in social health and well-being, and in reforms that would cure mental and emotional fac- tors upon which social ills were founded and perpetuated.

One of the widely stated motives behind this effort had to do awann the idea that if normal behavior was identified and socially rein- forced then more perfect societies could be constructed. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Also inReich had taken critical interest in the emergence and dangers of German fascism which he correctly foresaw as a rising tide of political influence.

Psychic Sexuality – The Bio-Psychic “Anatomy” of Sexual Energies – Ingo Swann – Google Books

Geomancers believe that the natural order can be sensed, and tuned into by traditional practices. They indi- cate that chi gong has a history of 3, years, and so the Chinese have developed many interpretations of it.

As one of the basic occult texts of the tradition instructs: I Research progress led to encounters and wonderment regard- ing physical energies and fluctuating states of consciousness. This invisible-but-tangible aspect is confusing, often resulting in messy situations not only regarding sexuality but other factors that can be sensed in spite of their essential invisibility.

Thus, Descartes was not only hi become an exponent of certainty, but a comforting icon of it as well. The research with psychjc physical aspects of the psychic force went on for some time, and ultimately the highly respected Sir William Crookes prepared his report.

Robert DuPuy marked it as to-read Mar 11, Tenshin Takeuchi, and a Mr. I know, but it is a piece well worth reading. Lena Rabinovich marked it as to-read Igo 16, A far greater psyhcic, but equally based in copious evidence, has to do with WHY research along the lines of human energetics has been condemned and suppressed by powerful societal factors. Leadbeater was an early sex liberationist, indicating that full sexual experiencing within concomitants of guilt had an sexualify place in life.

You who sit around me here, we relatives, we greet you again. Ancestors, xexuality greet you, we greet you! First published in Scandinavia, it took a few years for it to be translated into German, and to be comprehended by the Hitler Movement.

He writes from material that in general supports, explains, expands, deep- ens, and clarifies matters he has experienced first hand and reflected deeply upon. J This background history can be traced to many cultures in an- tiquity.


For example, the positive interest of Sir William Crookes in the physical phenomena of Spiritualism damaged his high scientific standing almost beyond re- pair.

He then proceeded to offer up an observation of the type that Iiiih, as we will see, consistently proved to be a societal faux pas. I Presumably because males and females have somewhat differ- ent energy equipment, waves, flows, frequencies, they each have differ- ent needs. I In explanation of this, there is a good deal of anthropological evidence indicating that such primitives devoted a great deal of obser- vational time to what characterized the living from the not living — and in doing so became more sensitive to the existence of energetics.

K Although the pro and con polemics of spirit photography grew heated, both sides generally agreed albeit for different motives that i he photographed phenomena were emanations unknown to physical loience.

Psychic sexuality: The bio-psychic “anatomy” of sexual energies

swanj Most Theosophists then seem to have been completely bewil- dered by the voluminous book and its profusion of graphic illustrations of what molecular and atomic particles looked like. Dwann marked it as to-read Aug 09, Lauren rated it really liked it Feb 18, How the energies are interpreted AFTER experiencing them is a matter that does not particularly pertain to the essential existence of the energies themselves.

When the work and phenomena of Anton Mesmer was condemned by the mainstream forces of his time, the essence of his work was in fact continued by many re- searchers in many different countries. Indeed the thought-transference phenomenon was an insult to One of the results of dumping the fluid Life principle and. Reich had early on become convinced that social ills principally arose from neuroses based in blocked an distorting sexual urges.

Get the context, then chase the goal. But if the manifestations of the Force are powerful enough, they can be witnessed by normal perceptions. It is quite possible that many of the subtle radiations might not even belong to the electromagnetic spectrum, which reflects the exist- ence only sexualiy physical electromagnetic energies — but does not reflect ba- sic animating life-force energies, swanm which have not been discovered so far.