26 Jul Download Shiv Mahimna Stotram apk and all version history for Android. Shiv Mahimna Stotram in 10 Languages with audio in one. 9 Feb Shiv Mahimna Stotra Gujarati Album Name: SHIV MAHIMNA STOTRAM ( SANSKRIT) Singer: SHYAMAL MUNSHI,SAUMIL MUNSHI,MALINI. Shiva Mahimna Stotra is a Sanskrit composition (Stotra) in devotion of Shiva that is believed has been authored by a gandharva (heavenly being) named.

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O Giver of ln, since Bana was the worshipper of Your feet is it to be wondered at that he had the three worlds at his command and put to shame the wealth of Indra?

O Destroyer of the god of love, 0 Giver of boons, Your play is in cremation grounds, Your companions are ghosts, You smear Your body with the ashes of burnt bodies, human skulls are Your garland-all Your conduct is indeed inauspicious. This page was last edited on 19 Augustat Sur 3 years ago. Surely sacrifices cause injury to the sacrificers in the absence of faith and devotion.

Add to Spiritual Diary. Kinjal morbia 2 years ago. O Destroyer of the three cities, 0 Giver of boons, is Parvati who saw the god of love, bow in hand, burnt like a piece of straw in a minute by You, still proud of her beauty and believing that You are fascinated by her, because she was allowed to occupy half Your body because of her austerities?

Dhruv Patel 5 months ago. The King did all he could to address the issue. Nandi Tantrism Jyotirlinga Shiva Temples. This kind of futile argumentation about You whose divine nature is beyond the reach i intellect, makes the perverted vociferous, and brings delusion to men.

Once he happened to see a beautiful garden adorned with charming flowers. These flowers were used every day by the king in worshipping Lord Shiva. Patel Swapneel 2 years ago. There were beautiful flowers in this garden. Every day he tried to stop himself, but failed and picked up the flowers. Bewildered by all this, I do not feel ashamed to praise You; indeed my loquacity is an indication of my boldness.


Kalpana Thakkar 3 years ago. Even deformity is to be admired in one who is given to freeing the world of fear. Therefore, knowing You to be the Giver of fruits of sacrifices and putting faith in the Vedas, people become resolute about the performance of sacrificial acts. The Lord of Gandharvas, Pushpadanta by name, is the servant of the God of gods who has the crescent moon on his forehead. O Lord, the fury of You who became a hunter with a bow in hand has not as yet left Brahma who, overcome by incestuous lust and finding his own daughter transforming herself into a hind, desired to ravish her in the body of a stag and keenly pierced by Your arrows, he Brahma has fled to the sky Shiva Nirmaalya consists of the Bilva leaves, flowers, etc.

He was shocked, but being a blessed devotee, he realized why that happened. Kamalesh Rana 3 years ago.

Thus ends this unparalleled sacred hymn composed by Pushpadanta and describing the glory of God Shiva in a most fascinating manner. A History of Indian Literature: He tried very hard to capture the thief, but in vain, because the Gandharvas have divine power to remain invisible.

Shiv Mahimna Stotram APK

Pradeep 3 years ago. Because they are fools they raise doubts about Your existence. Articles containing Sanskrit-language text Instances of Lang-sa using second unnamed parameter. The river which pervades the sky and whose foam crests look all the more beautiful because of stars and planets, seems no more than a drop of water when on Your head.

But You promote the greatest good of those who remember You.

Shiv Mahimna Stotra Gujarati Full Audio Song Juke Box

That same river has turned the mahkmna into islands surrounded by waters. Some stupid people produce arguments—pleasing to the ignorant but in fact hateful— to refute Your Divinity, which creates, preserves and destroys the world, which is divided into three bodies Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva according to the three gunas, and which is described in the three Vedas.

The person who with purified heart and in great devotion always reads this beautiful and elevating hymn to Shiva, becomes like Shiva after death in the abode maahimna Shiva, and while in this world gets abundant wealth, long life, progeny and fame. Patel Rajaram 3 years ago. Medieval religious literature in Sanskrit. Your greatness is beyond the reach of mind and speech.


There is no God higher than Shiva, there is no hymn better than the hymn on the greatness of Shiva, there is no mantra more powerful than the name of Shiva, there is nothing higher to be known than the real nature of the Guru. If no one can be blamed when they praise You according to their intellectual powers, then my attempt to compose a hymn cannot be reproached.

Shweta Aghera 3 years ago. What prosperity does not come from jahimna down the head to You? May the ever beneficent Lord of gods be pleased with me at this!

To fulfill what desire, assuming what form, with what instruments, support and material does that Creator create the three worlds? He then designed a prayer to Lord Shiva for forgiveness. The wise hold this limiting view of You: When You danced to save the world, the earth was suddenly thrown into a ggujarati state at the striking of Your feet; the spatial regions and the hosts of stars gujaratii oppressed by the movement of Your massive club-like arms; stotrz the heavens became miserable as their sides were constantly struck by Your waving matted hair.

Read Now Go To Library. O Lover of solitude, my salutations to You who are the nearest and the farthest. The best of Gandharvas, Ztotra by name, composed in great devotion this beautiful hymn to the Lord, who is worshipped by demons, gods, and the best of sages, whose praises have been sung, who has the moon on His forehead, and who is attributeless.