NADI ASTROLOGY Prasana A Contemporary Treatise UMANG TANEJA . This book includes chapters according to all the nine events of life in a native viz. Umang Taneja is the author of A Text book of Astrology ( avg rating, 4 ratings , 1 review), Prashna ( avg rating, 3 ratings, 0 reviews), Accurate. List of products by producer Umang Taneja. Nadi Astrology – Accurate Predictive Methodology By Umang Taneja. Publisher: Umang Taneja. Price: ₹

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The place of birth of the native is Delhi i. All The three planets signify combination of 3,6,8 ; 3,8,12 i.

Saturn also signifies 3,5 in Planet and Sub lord. Antra lord Moon signifies 2,10; 4,5,8 ; 1,2,8,9 in Planet, Nakshatra and Sub lord respectively- Hence the native will not be able to clear the examination in this attempt.

At the time of asking the question period of Saturn – Jupiter was running. In which direction should Astrologer face and the querist should face at the time of asking the question? Next Bhukti is of Mars which signifies 7,11,12 in Nakshatra and Sub lord hence Mars is very positive for marriage.

Rah 8Y 4M 22D Profit in business is signified by combination of 2,6,10, It was therefore father was worried for his daughter.

Out of 2,6,10,11 if 6,11 or 10,11 or 2,11 or 2,6,10 or 2,10 are signified in the DBA, these are good for career in descending order. For example in case of marriage, degrees of Planets signifying marriage and the Cuspal degrees of 2,7,11 Houses become important for pin pointing event.

House 4 signified in Sub lord of Jupiter is very weak for fructification of event. The combination is present in the Dasa lord Saturn which is first rate malefic therefore native will neither be able to earn money or fame.

An Astrologer on tanejs basis of the, Natal Horoscope cast on this basis can predict all events of life, In Horary Astrology, Horoscope is cast at the time when the native asks question and answer bbooks that question is given by looking at the planetary position at that time.


Umang Taneja Paperback Edition: Jupiter Dasa is nearing the end now in and the native has excelled in business by now. In gooks second question the natal Horoscopes may show purchase of property but property purchased will be any property other than the property tanneja desired to purchase. Hence the campaign will give mixed results.

My Books | Umang Taneja

Now proceed to draw the Nirayana Bhav Chalit chart as under: The tenant will not vacate the property if the combination of loss of property given below is signified in the subsequent DBA of the native. Nadi Astrology has been taught to me by my teacher Revered Late Sh.

Saturn, Sun and Mercury in the Horoscope are signifying 4,11 whereas Ketu, Sun bools Mars signify 5,9, Saturn, Sun, Ketu, Mars also signify 10, 11 ; 6,11 which implies winning prizes and awards. The native changed residence in two months. Preferably astrologer should take only one question from the native at a time and uang second after answering the first question. We have normally three planets taking part in DBA and three planets in Transits involvements of which will finally make the event happen.

The answer is it doesn’t make any difference umamg a question should be asked or answered and in what direction any body faces. Bhukti Lord Saturn is positive but will to be able to help therefore it was suggested not to participate in the Fair.

One of my student was calculated the answer to be taneha he shared the answer with me. Marriage in Foreign Land or with Foreigner: A chapter on uncommon questions has also been included which contains Horary questions related to Mundane events, Politics and also questions which concern day to day life of some natives but are not directly involved in the nine events discussed above.

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His thirst for knowledge never diminished as he studied throughout his life. Write a Testimonial Few good words, go a long way, thanks!

Umang Taneja (Author of A Text book of Astrology)

Hello World, this is a test. Antra of Moon was running at the time of asking the question signifying 5,8,12 in Sub lord however 10,11 is alo signified. Y Sun signifies 2,11 in sub lord and is much more positive than bbooks Horoscope above. Since the Institute is to be made in foreign the Houses for foreign 3,9,12 should also appear. Now the challenge was to know the accuracy of the system I with my friend Mr.

However, the car never hit the roads.

Books By Umang Taneja

Rahu, Ketu and Venus are also extremely positive therefore it was advised to do out of court settlement in the Antras of these Planets to get rid of court case. Thanks with regards, Prithiviraj. This signifies native will purchase property both commercial and residential for start living in a better place and shift his business and residence there.

Mercury is the Cuspal lord of the 4 th House in this Horoscope. Rahu is books good hence in its Bhukti bail is possible. This implies only in extremely positive Bhukti it is possible to come out of the litigation by umabg of court settlement since 5,9 are signified.

Will again purchase books from you. A brilliant student of science, he completed B. Saturn -Jupiter period is good as it signifies 4,11,12 construction of Infrastructure 10,11 name and fame. You can follow the following link for payment.