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DIN V VDE V ((Functional safety) and Engineering Recommendation G59/2: The. Conext RL E and Conext RL E-S are rated >16A. Remark: DIN V VDE V is a prestandard that has not been released yet by DIN. SMA Solar Technology AG | Sonnenallee 1 | Niestetal | Germany. Phone: +49 | Fax: +49 | Internet: | E-mail.

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Requirements for good network and plant NP protection To ensure network safety, an automatic interface monitors the transfer between small power plants and the grid of the energy supplier ES.

This is too expensive and therefore uneconomical for the many private producers of electricity. Support us by agreeing to the 00126-1-1 of cookies.

Large power plants are managed and monitored directly by the ES using telecontrol engineering. We are constantly working on improving our website for you.



Failure to disconnect from the grid without delay puts maintenance personnel at risk, while consumers can also be exposed to improper voltages and frequencies. To ensure network safety, an automatic interface monitors the transfer between small power plants and the grid of the energy supplier ES. In the event of a power 0126–11 or a disruption in the grid of the energy supplier, small private power plants immediately have to be disconnected from the public grid to 016-1-1 unwanted feed-in.

The energy produced in this way is used to cover own consumption needs, or fed into the public grid to generate a profit. The thresholds can even be vfe outside the standard values if required by the network operator. Functionally safe devices also fulfil the monitoring function in the event of faults, recognise these faults and ensure a safe operating condition.

DIN VDE English Version_百度文库

Vdr power plants have to be equipped with an automatic isolation unit that is checked and permitted by an accredited body. The monitoring and the automatic disconnection are carried out by an automated interface.


0126-1–1 In the context of small and micro power plants we mainly see photovoltaic installations, small wind power generators, cogeneration plants or small hydropower plants being used. To meet the requirements of the standards and of the energy supply companies, the market offers solutions as individual components, multinational components as well as integrated solutions. Converting renewable energy into electricity is a key element of stabilising the global climate.

Country-specific norms define how the interface should be realised and checked in detail.