Wärtsilä Engine generating set. PRODUCT LEAFLET. RATED ELECTRICAL POWER (kW). Generating set type. 50 Hz. 60 Hz. 12V 18V

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The full scope of work was carried out in three locations, culminating in the rebuilding of the engine and commissioning on-site in Haripur, near Dhaka, Bangladesh.

All modifications were wartsioa utilizing Goltens’ In-Situ machining tools.

Honing of all crankpins and main journals Milling counterweight contact landings In-Situ milling of locating key way and in-situ drilling of location pinhole for new fuel pump design. Upon arrival at the Port of Singapore, the engine block was unloaded and moved overnight to the Goltens workshop, accompanied by a police escort for 18vv46 safety.

At 18v64 stage, visual inspection and nondestructive testing were performed to confirm suitability of the block for the project. Goltens located and inspected a similar engine block in a power plant in the Philippines and sent it to Goltens’ workshop in Singapore for a full overhaul and machining modifications.


Wärtsilä 46F – diesel engine

Goltens Singapore in-situ machining experts carried out the modification and conversion of the used diesel engine block into a gas-diesel engine block using specialized In-Situ Machining equipment. All operational tests were successful and the engine was turned over to Covanta.

Once ready for land transportation, the engine block was transported 50 kilometers to the port by multi-wheeler trailer.

In-situ machining of all fuel pump bores to accommodate the gas fuel pump body design.

In-Situ machining of 3 lower liner landing surfaces Fabrication of new bushes, shrink fitting and securing of new bushes for the lower liner landings. The engine block was then loaded onto a heavy lift vessel for onward transportation to Singapore.

Wärtsilä 46F

Goltens’ specialists started the work by dismantling and extracting the tonne engine block from an existing power plant in a rural location in the Philippines. Disassembly and relocation of 18v4 block to Singapore Disassembly of damaged engine in Bangladesh Reassembly of engine with reconditioned block in Bangladesh Final inspection and Engine commissioning.


Wartsila 18V46 Bore and Stroke: Full blasting and painting, under paint manufacturer supervision and procedures.

Goltens is not new to undertaking the most demanding repairs in the industry. In-Situ grinding of all liner landing surfaces. This was an extremely challenging project that required complicated logistical arrangements and operations between the Philippines, Singapore and Bangladesh.