arise spontaneously. david carse. First US edition: Paragate Publishing This edition: Non-Duality Press. September NON-DUALITY PRESS. Perfect Brilliant Stillness – Alan Mann and David Carse. I’m trying to get this book but it’s ridiculously expensive in EU. Seems to be out of print? Could anybody help me out find it somehow via PM.

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No good or bad or responsibility – all just is. There’s no need to find it or obtain it, because it is brilliqnt there is. I know there is a lot of love for Vipassana here, but I have never done it with any regularity, except to experiment with noting and other things Daniel suggests.

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Perfect Brilliant Stillness

The Path brilliantt Self-Inquiry By: Micha rated it it was amazing Mar 03, And I assume he would go on to say that this is the case for all objects. It had to creep out of a few of the quotes he used.

First published inthis is a classic work which conveys the experience that mystics of all times have tried to put words to. The utter simplicity and truth of it. AM at the very beginning of the book: Nothing in the book helped me to see it otherwise. Dear seeker if you read this you may enjoy Jed Mckenna’s books. This book has been my companion for many years.

The book, however, took me completely by surprise. Consciousness is absolutely all there is of all there is. I have no words to explain what this book means to “me”. Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! David Carse’s direct approach is not for the faint-hearted and he will offend some readers as he scoffs at the Goa hippy circuit and the spiritual seekers’ impossible attempts to adapt enlightenment to a mundane life.


This is a true account of a sudden unexpected Awakening and an excellent attempt to explain what which is beyond explanation This reply was also published.

Can we really use his ladder Jon rated it it was amazing Nov 08, No matter where we are, no matter what we are doing, we always have an immediate access to that inner stillness.

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I will listen to this over and over! So to address more of your post. In Who Are You? For sttillness, all words end here, at the beginning of silence.

A couple of brief reviews on the book, with a response from David Carse that might interest some: Mar 07, Carolina rated it it was stillnes. Satsang with Papaji is the profound result. Early in the book, Carse discusses how many sages and teachers perrect told us that the absolute truth is ineffable and that that best they could ever do was point to it and hope that we would follow where the finger points and not get transfixed on the finger.

I think David Bohm, who I see is quoted on pageoffers the most convincing contemporary account of how to relate the spiritual notion of emptiness or Sunyata with the underlying no-thingness of contemporary science.

Perfect Brilliant Stillness by David Carse Ebook

What is, cannot but carsse the perfect unfolding in Consciousness. Lynne Saner rated it liked it Feb 01, Brilljant book is superb. An awareness carwe has already allowed every wave of emotion and experience to arrive. We think you probably will.

As the ancients and yogis have described for ages, “That” cannot be described only experienced. It looks like I could download the audiobook with the trial offer on Audible and then still have access to it without membership. I cannot explain this, because I am otherwise somewhat rational. This one comes with a beautiful, creamy warmth on my face and on the crown of my head that I have been enjoying for about an hour. When it comes to this, it seems that if you get stuck on “challenging” any dysfunction such as self consciousness, by eg.


What is right in front of you, more than that, what you actually are, what all this is, what cannot be stillnews from, what cannot be otherwise, is obvious, even if in most cases apparently there is not seeing. On Resurrecting JesusAdyashanti excavates the deep, mythic underpinnings of the Gospels to show how we can all find in the story of Jesus the spark for our own spiritual unfolding. Freimann Portland, Oregon United States He comments on various current perfrct teachers and their problems.

Perfect Brilliant Stillness () by David Carse – Discussion –

Apologies for any confusion caused. Lama Yeshe founded Vajrapani. You can see and hear very quickly that Mr Stamp is very passionate about this book and it shows in his wonderful performance.

I think it’s a much more gentle practice. Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha. To claim that everything is consciousness strikes me as another version of reductionism, the reverse of the materialist coin that everything is matter and consciousness a late arriving material epiphenomenon.

I was thrilled to see that there was an audio version and Terrance Stamp reads it with real understanding.